About the most dangerous illnes- Covid

Samarqand, Uzbekistan

I am Dilnura Sunnatullayeva



Jul 25, 2022 1 year ago

The difficulties of life well in general I would say that since March 16, 2020th out break of the coronavirus began. Since that day there have been various rumors about sickness and the fear of spreading the disease among people. Actually, I suppose that for the most part I would probably say that, since the spread of measles he began to observe all the rules of sanitary hygiene. Well to be honest I should really say that everyone panicked even we could not go outside. Of course, I think I would have to say that the number of sick people is increasing day by day, as well as the number of deaths. Certainly, I would say that as a result of increasing number of deaths among the population, no one could even go outside to get food. Well, I guess that generally speaking I would certainly that a person suffering from the disease could live up to a month. At first the house of a person infected with the disease was quarantined and it was strictly determined that the members of the house hold should stay at home for 14 days. Secondly during such difficult times my grandmother also fell sick. I ought the disease was so severe that even with death a person could face to face and even die. Well in general I would say that fortunately they recovered. One day a document came to our house when we opened it, it said that your father was infected with covid-19. Since that day, many doctors started coming our house and they started taking tests from us. Fortunately, the results turned out to be good and we began to observe the rules of sanitary hygiene every day. My mother started scolding us every day. After the spread of the disease the school also went online and we completed our lessons at home and sent them to our teachers and checked our grades. But it has a very important place in human life. At the same time, when some people died of disease their bodies were wrapped in salafans and left behind to show their family members. Day by day the situation worsened. The bad days of life are over, covid is over. But from the summer of 2022 the disease began to flare up again. The disease spread again among the population. Actually, I suppose that for the most part I would probably say that masks were worn again, people reduced going outside and various vaccines were produced against it. I hope everything well be fine and these days will be over. We all believe that these diseases will definetly disappear.

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