Young tyson

Aug 15, 2020 3 years ago

Young Tyson is unbeatable brute Giant and skilled Whenever you see Mike in the ring Know that someone's nose is about to shift Wait for few seconds And watch how Mike Knock down bigger and smaller beasts Round 1 is enough to know the champion Yes, that's Mike Tyson Fastest puncher Punches fat, Punches heavy Fearless he looks Talk less but furious with actions Try not to wager on his opponents You will definitely lose your dollars Tyson fights are unsurprising Greatest is his name Like another Ali in his own time Crowd love to see Mike In the ring cause with Tyson the match is always delightful Champion you hear them scream! Refs are constantly set to stop the fight Cause they knew Tyson With his brutal styles Tyson is the unsurpassable legend in the game!

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