Theresa May

British Prime Minister

London, United Kingdom

Theresa Mary May, born Theresa Mary Brasier, is the current prime minister of the United Kingdom. She is the second female Prime Minister and Conservative party leader after the lovely Margaret Thatcher and the 76th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Born on 1st October 1956 in Eastbourne, Sussex, the people adore her because of her down to earth demeanour and charisma. Being a vicar's daughter brought up in a middle-class family, the general populace of UK seem to identify with her. She is the epitome of what every strong, honest and independent woman hopes to achieve.

The People's Prime Minister - Her talks and beliefs coincides with that of the working people - Brexit being the top issue along with her strong stand supporting same-sex marriages. When she talks, people listen because they know that she is dedicated to her cause, which inspires the citizen to be dedicated to her. In 1997, she took her first steps into politics by becoming the Conservative Party MP for Maidenhead. From there it was steady climb to the top, rising in ranks with indomitable spirit and vigour. On May 12, 2010, she became the Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality and went on to be the longest-serving home secretary for 60 years.

Her Personality - Theresa May was introduced to her future husband Philip May by Benazir Bhutto who would then go on to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. They were married on September 16, 1980. Theresa May is also the first childless Prime minister after Edward Heath. She was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes mellitus in 2012 and needs daily injections. She continues to be an inspiration to everyone because of her fire and success. She has a special place in her heart for distinctive shoes with leopard print kitten heels which has garnered a substantial cult following. She also has a love for cooking and is the proud owner of over 100 cookbooks.

There are many who disagree with the majority vote cast in favour of Theresa May by the people of United Kingdom. However, she is often referred to as a "safe pair of hands". She has based her entire campaign on the mantra "strong and stable". At the age of 59, she is also the oldest new Prime Minister after Jim Callaghan. Often Theresa May has also been criticized for focusing on her fashion more than she does on her campaign.

(By Biopage writer. Photo credit Craig Hibbert and Diliff. Please contact Biopage for inaccuracy.)

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For almost 250 years the fortunes of New Zealand have often been tied to the U.K., through settlement, war and trade. So I was intrigued to meet Prime Minister Theresa May in January, only months after Britain voted to leave the E.U. and she took office. I learned quickly why she emerged from the Brexit aftermath as leader: she has will and she has clarity. In charting the U.K.'s renewed relationship with Europe and the rest of the world, she has met the deepest demand of leadership: to provide direction and reassurance in a time of upheaval and confusion. She is the right person to guide the democratic will of Britain through the complexity of separating the U.K. from the European Union. And in the midst of this highly charged process she can talk with warmth about her concerns for the disenfranchised and disadvantaged, and listen and learn. With gracious determination but without ego, this is remaking a nation. From the other end of the world, it looks like she will succeed.. (by Bill English, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Photo credit: Getty Images)

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