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I was born in 1998 in Termez, Uzbekistan in a middle-class family. Between 2005 and 2014, I attended one of the best schools in my hometown. In 2014 and 2017, I graduated with a degree in management from a tourism professional college. In 2017, I was admitted to the finance department of Termez State University and graduated this summer. When I was in university, I worked in different places to meet my own needs. for example, I worked for two years in factories producing ice cream, furniture, and so on. From the beginning of 2019 until now, I have been working as a chef in a restaurant.

Finance may be the opposite of literature, art, painting, poetry, design, but it has been my main profession for several years. Yes dear ones you may be wondering if you, like some of my close acquaintances, are working in the field of finance and writing different stories, essays and poems in a completely opposite field but my interest in art is also from my personal profession stands out. Literature and art is a miracle of god that can lift my mood from 0% to 100%. I never like to be limited to one field, many of my relatives also know me as a chef and I am also studying IT these days.


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Overcoming frustration

Nov 25, 2021 2 years ago

Except for the last two years, our lives have been going on at the same pace. But an infectious infection called COVID-19 appeared and changed our entire lifestyle. In this essay, I want to describe the harms of COVID-19, the secrets of overcoming depression, the source of many of my activities and income during the quarantine period, and I will try to draw some conclusions. COVID-19 has affected all sectors around the world and caused the entire economy to stagnate. All manufacturing plants and state-owned enterprises were forced to suspend their operations for a period of time, resulting in people becoming unemployed. Many states have found it difficult to feed their peoples. However, they provided their people with various financial assistance, including food and medicine. Many countries also reduced the tax burden to 50 percent during the pandemic period or exempted it from paying it altogether, and paid at least half of their wages to the population whose businesses had ceased operations. As a result, countries' incomes have increased their expenditures, and their debts to the World Bank have increased. In the pandemic, all people began to look to the future with a hopeless look. Many of them were depressed, afraid of infection, bored with the same boring lifestyle, and especially the loss of loved ones made them completely sad. Not being able to walk without a medical mask made everyone angry. But after a while, everyone adapted to this environment, and such a lifestyle began to be considered normal. Humans were able to demonstrate their resilience to any conditions, which was simply a test sent from God to mankind. As a result, the patience of all people was further strengthened. During the pandemic, the effects of human affection for one another were felt to be greater than ever. They began to get along very well with their loved ones, especially family members. Parents have even set aside time throughout the day to take care of their children. Gradually, all people realized that together they could overcome such a difficult situation When COVID-19 entered our country, I, like everyone else, was depressed and scared. Quarantine has been declared throughout the country. At first, this seemed very strange to me. For me, staying home all day was indescribably boring. I felt like I was in prison However, this situation did not last long for me, I was able to find the strength in myself to overcome such depression in two or three weeks. The despair was completely out of my mind because I was convinced that such days would soon pass. With the passing of a few days, my boring life was completely gone. The reason is that I started doing a lot of fun activities that I enjoy. For example, because of my interest in singing with a guitar, I improved my skills. And when I read books about science fiction and business, I didn't even notice how fast my day went. I was very interested in IT, but I couldn't find any free time at all to study it perfectly. The pandemic period in particular was just the right time for me to learn programming. Nowadays, this field has become one of my favorite professions and one of my main sources of income During quarantine, I would record the songs I sang on my guitar on camera and post them on my “you tube” page. This was watched by a lot of people and left positive comments in my comments. This has given me a bit of popularity on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has allowed me to make even a small amount of money from the you tube website. My regular sports activities in quarantine helped keep me from getting infected. I went out for a run every morning, worked out at the weightlifting on a regular basis, and pushed ups and pressed ups. It was really good to build muscle and burnt fat. As in many families, our family had economic difficulties. The activities of the organizations where our family members work were suspended for some time. So our source of income was almost non-existent. Our state provided food to families in need every two weeks or every month but it was but they could not feed us for a long time. At that time, medical masks were in short supply. So in order to earn money, my mother sewed medical masks at home because she was a seamstress. I used to make a small amount of money by selling them to pharmacies that needed them. At the height of the quarantine, I worked as a volunteer for 1 month at the Sanitary-Epidemiological Peace Center of our city in order to earn money. In it, my job was to go to homes or organizations where the virus was detected and disinfect it with our team. True, at first I was very scared of this job because the risk of infection was very high. But after a while, those fears disappeared from me. The money I earned was enough to feed my whole family during the whole quarantine period.

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