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Conrad Brubaker

Philadelphia, USA

I am an Author searching for an Agent or Publisher for Space Opera, science fantasy.

I grew up in a faith-healing church. My father got a computer for the family when I was 9, despite us having no car or TV.

For many years my family lived on a small farm in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Other city kids would walk by with no idea of what animals were what. Tilling soil and chopping wood was a bit too hard for me.

I did various types of art. I got into computers and assembled systems starting in the 90's and writing small programs. I did not do much with my mind and was afraid to travel anywhere.

Getting up the nerve, I move to Lake Tahoe California to be with my girlfriend. Ten years later, I came back to Philly. I do most of my art in Blender3D. I decided to go to college in 2014 for Information Technology. I graduated with an Associate of Applied Science along with Network+ certification.


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OC and MC of my story. Didn't like the legs. So not done those yet and the feet yet.

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