E. Y. Vallabhi

Despite everything, a writer!

Madurai, India

Loner and loves writing In English and Tamil (South Indian Language). Author of the book "Celluloid Poetry" which is a collection of 250 poems about 250 movies I had watched. Working as a software professional in Tata Consultancy Services. Enjoying and frustrated about the lock down. A shy person who avoids attention from others.


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Heights of Creation

Aug 16, 2020 3 years ago

Women are a different species, but very sweet. Unfortunately, women do not head too many organizations. There could be a reason to it. Most women when they reach a respected level, they become obsessed with their career that they neglect their family. This arrogance reflects in business too and eventually they stagnate. It could be old fashioned to say that a woman learns the most in the kitchen. Some values do not change with time. A woman learns multi-tasking inside the kitchen. This doesn't mean she should be confined to kitchen. She should be given opportunities to apply her learning in a corporate environment. If she could show the care she gives inside a kitchen to her work, sky is the limit. In many ways men do not accept women to go ahead so quickly. But it is also true that you can push the ball under the water only for so much time. It eventually comes up. Men and women are equal but different. For example, 2+3 and 4+1. There is no point in comparing men and women. It is like comparing apples and oranges. They possess different qualities. They should understand their capabilities and work on it. The least anybody could do to a woman is to respect her and put a smile on her face. She deserves it!


The Tribe

Jul 30, 2020 3 years ago

The Tribe A new class of tribe has emerged, not in the sub-Saharan Africa, but in the wealthiest of the cities like New York, Shanghai, Venice, London and Singapore. The people who belong to this tribe are not just wealthy but firmly believe they can do anything and get away with it which is true until now. Their lifestyle is imaginatively tribal. For example, in a pub they are served with a specially cooked shrimps. The recipe is to put live shrimps in shot glasses with vodka, once the shrimp drinks the vodka, it is immediately cooked and served to the wealthy tribe who want to taste vodka when they munch the shrimp. This is not all, illegal organ trafficking started in Italy and people die because of it. Pound of flesh, anybody? Cannibals don't wear feathers on their head and animal teeth around their neck anymore; they wear expensive suits, designer gowns and look unmistakably charming. Under the skin, everything is tribal. Being wealthy is not per say wrong, but undeserved wealth, inherited wealth and unearned wealth is ravaging the world. The Corona Virus or Covid-19 is not the disease that needs immediate eradication, but it is the money. Money is the disease that needs to be cured for the permanent wellbeing of the people of the world.

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