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Aug 09, 2020 3 years ago

PART III: *ALONE *EXPLORE Have you all been waiting for this? Let's get the final touch to the "Journey of a guy". You wonder with so much ups and downs where that guy is. How a guy who was so introvert and barely talked came to become the most spoken person in college, and quite active in changing the world?" PHASE VIII: With all life being unable to explore, he kept on feeling something missing in life. Life was always there to tell him, “you can never win on me". He wanted something else from life, not just the normal life. It is very much tough as they say, but our limitation—it's only our imagination. Leaving everything aside from the past, he started focusing on things that would make him happy. Loneliness sometime teaches so much thing to us. “When you're surrounded by all these people, it can be lonelier than when you are by yourself. You can be in a huge crowd, but if you don't feel like you can trust anyone or talk to anybody, you feel like you're really alone.” Journey starts from where we begin. So, He started it. He continued his study on his own. He had no pressure to prove anyone as there was no expectation. Trust me, when there is no pressure of expectation that is when we give our best. He kept on making himself happier and slowly started enjoying his life. He made life very simple, spreading happiness all over the place wherever he went. Maybe, that was something was lacking in his life, "being happy". We start making our life complicated with thing which doesn't even matter for longer period of time. I guess, we must try being happy on little things. He went on going year by year with the visionary attempt to life. He had something in him which he could feel within himself. He was never proud of something he achieved or he was best at, that is one quality that made him different from other. It makes us hungry to go for more. He started making his life meaningful, be interactive and make a good relation among people around. I guess, with the person he was; People nearby could only love him. If there was someone who hates him, It could be only two reason, " either they were unknown about him", or " they were unhappy with attention on him and jealousy factor". It is natural in human nature. But no can deny his presence was more fun than his absence. He was alone inside some days, but he would never let it out. He was a guy with a pure heart. It is not that he didn't have faults in him, but he was loyal to himself. He didn't ever have that feeling to hate to anyone. No matter if someone would hate him, but he always had that respect. I know, it is hard to believe but he just couldn't. He might have been sad with people sometimes but could never be angry. “We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and—in spite of true romance magazines—We shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. So, Alone can be a life itself but we must enjoy the loneliness by doing things we desire to do and things which make us happy. PHASE IX: Exploring life at right time make us ready to face the challenges to come in future. He was there to explore life. With every loss, there comes a way to explore life. Actually, Life must not be with regrets, else it might end on regrets. Life is a journey which tells us to explore with every part of it. He believed in learning new things, every day of his life. Learning is a journey and we must feel the worth of it. He is someone who explored his life and still finding a way to be happy, inspire himself more than anyone else. He is on a journey where even if he doesn't find anyone, he is quite happy with learning. At-least, someday on his journey, he can be proud of himself. The past he had wasn't in his control, but the future can surely be what he wants. Never limit yourself. He is living on dream itself and hope he finds what he dreamed of. It's not that he will forget his past but it is something that will inspire him. She will his biggest inspiration. Our weakness can also be our biggest strength. 1) “THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO LIVE IT, TO TASTE IT, TO EXPERIENCE TO THE UTMOST, TO REACH OUT EAGERLY AND WITHOUT FEAR FOR NEWER AND RICHER EXPERIENCE.” 2) “STUFF YOUR EYES WITH WONDER,' HE SAID, ‘LIVE AS IF YOU'D DROP DEAD IN TEN SECONDS. SEE THE WORLD. IT'S MORE FANTASTIC THAN ANY DREAM MADE OR PAID FOR IN FACTORIES.” I would also like to thank the entire readers of the journey and for making this possible and for being together with him. You have opened the door to bigger and better things for the whole world! May The Magic Dust that I have sprinkled on the story as I was typing it touch you and everyone else who reads this? I wish a miracle, big or small into your lives today! One song that always inspires me: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO7OKASr8lc) (CHECK IT OUT) 🥰😁😃🧡 #KEEP_SMILING #BE_HAPPY “Let us be kinder to one another.” #Cheers HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON WITH ANOTHER STORY.

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Jul 30, 2020 3 years ago

STARTS AGAIN. . . *CANCER *LOVE FAILURE *INTROVERT PHASE V: As when he gets up, he found himself in hospital lying on stretcher. What might be going through his mind? With X-ray, he found out the femur broken completely. Sometimes, life just makes so big U-turn: We just can't assume it. A guy finding a way through from his tough childhood, results here. Unlike other accidents, it has so much drama in it. It might sound not a big deal, as accidents keep happening. After all those hospital things, when time comes to go back home with new start, doctors found out their carelessness in operation as they mistakenly leave one screw, unscrewed inside leg which was reason why the boy was still in pain. I guess this doesn't happen every time. Mother is mother, she got angry and slapped the head of Orthopedic as it was one of those silly mistakes which could lead to extreme condition. “Some doctor's behavior can lead this incident", as before discharge, “The person in white coat quoted, "I am the doctor, everything is fine", but. . . . Next date is issued, and same would is played with again by those stupid doctors. The story behind the accident is still doubtful as how can one of the hardest bone of our body can break so easily? “Stupid doctors made the parents mind full of doubts and doubts--leading to bone marrow cancer, again no conclusive evidence, but doubt" Whole family was in a disarray, of why n how all this happens? They went Mumbai (City with great hospitals for cancer treatment), with journey of almost 3 months in pain, Finally They found that It was mild condition and Result went positives and treatment was successful. Life before the result sometime can take away everything from us without letting us know as we get lost in it from the real world. PHASE VI: Love is very strange, literally we just can't write it down on paper. Days passed on, life started getting better. Relationship among family after cancer got more polished. Here, the years passed by when school level was about to end. Then comes the twist, the childhood crush started to be the "LOVE", he finally came to admit in front of the girl, in most stupid manner as in movies, group of boys after group of girls leading to girl house and those "3 so called magical words", but in reality the "fallen in trap, once and forever". It all happened with the influence of other boys pushing the guy to speak up. The boy got the "oxytocin" activation and result everyone think as "LOVE" The girl wasn't ready for it but she put up task or test for the guy to pass, Boy accepted. He failed by inch, but girl accepted it. But it could just last for 2 weeks. Maybe it wasn't boy ever dreamed of, as he was born and brought up watching "SRK- the Love King" movies with love songs, etc. Again the blame starts to be on himself, and he is left with nothing but himself. PHASE VII: Introvert, they say but still I don't feel it. Maybe, it does exist but never knew what it was called for. The boy started focusing on secondary education where his teenage starts. This is the phase where he has to walk on himself and find a way to deal and heal simultaneously. Everyone is innocent, at the beginning. But, the surroundings we live in changes us. TEEN AGE, rightly the age of, "a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity." The guy meets with many new faces expecting to be with good heart. His expectation met rightly so, found few with very good hearts. But good hearts only let us feel good, but "Good Focus, Ambitious, Never Give Up", is what he wasn't so near and dear with. It was like free bird to him, and there with the hormonal control on him rather than other way around, He completed his 2 years with just a waste." Only he could learn to obtain good grades, but here it more mattered was “Grade with values". Basically, he was lost with so much of freedom and returned home with nothing more than a certificate. You guys might be wondering on love story above we talked about. Interestingly, the real feeling of innocent started after school life ended. He met a girl who literally was out of mind, every time they would talk "she would think of dying, leaving the world, bla bla stupid things". She was maybe the most psycho person he had ever talked to. Yes, you are right, they met on social media accidentally on 1st April. Maybe destiny was fooling them around as this story wasn't ever going to be completed. Details on POEM: yaitsmebibek.blogspot.com (FEELINGS) They had very tough times but here with lack of words limit, I just want to conclude on: "Love or feelings on someone shouldn't be described or judged by the third person. Every story is different and very far from our our reach. BEING SUPPORTIVE CAN BE BEST THING WE CAN DO. How a guy who was so introvert and barely talked came to become the most spoken person in college, and quite active in changing the world?" *ALONE *EXPLORE |"*`WAIT FOR NEXT`*"| |COMMENT|



Jul 16, 2020 3 years ago

How do you feel? When you know you'd fit, But fate can't see it fit to let her find you. Then you go, Now remembering her, with his book of her truth, A chronicling of his past right next to you. When you have been together for like an year seemed like decade, Like the pictures on your phone! Like the way your heart wants what life won't give! Like the belief to be together but destiny planned something else. "Fate is Cruel, Fate is the Worst. Fate doesn't see WHO YOU ARE." Chances are dirt. Chances were never my thing, If I am the Blame, let me suffer and sacrifice until the candles ends with no flame. I don't believe in second chances and I never did, I'm not asking for another chance and I never will. Now A few feet away from her, She finds you, She looks at you, Surprising you, Shocking you, "She finds it amusing, your heart is so engulfed, So quick and then IT WAS OVER." What felt like an eternity, You'll never forget, The day she made you blush and smile for what seemed like a while, It was nice to be the center of her SPOTLIGHT for a few second smile, "Long to see her react to you, with an amusing bright flushing smile." Learned from the punches now, I'm never the same but this heart-breaker's cry will not be in vain. "Don't hate the player hate the game, And maybe next time there won't be a train." As fate is crucial so a fate I shall have, "I am the MASTER of my FATE, I am the CAPTAIN of my SOUL."

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Jul 15, 2020 3 years ago

It is the story of a long past. In a village, there lived an old couple. They had a single son initially. They did not have any daughter. As they wanted a daughter, they performed various religious rituals and duties, and went on fasting as believers. Wherever they went, whichever temple they visited, they sought a blessing from the God and that was for a daughter. They were in hope of a daughter, but got another son. They had no daughter. As I am writing this story of elder son. It might be interesting and painful to hear few things on his life biography. Even being a first son of family, Maybe he wasn't mean to be treated the best in the family. PHASE I: During his birth, as he was from joint family: His love was distributed to another one year elder child from another family. He wasn't that cute and his mother was disliked by many in family. His only love from family was "Mother". His father used to live out for study and work simultaneously and only would visit once in a while. He was in his struggling phase and couldn't afford to bring family to down. The boy started growing up with lack of food and love from family. His mother used to busy with all household works as in community we lived in, "Innocent are made to all stuffs in family". She used to be beaten as it was daily routine of her. With all these, she had a dream that her son would study and be a good person in future. With so many requests in family, the boy was sent to town to study with his uncle and aunt who were settled there. PHASE II: The boy went to town but had no idea what his life was going to be. At such a small age of 5, he was far from his parents. He had so much things to say but he couldn't. His aunt had issues with mother, and used to treat the boy like slaves. He was made to do household works, sleep on ground, and eat the remaining portions. He had 3 cousins, but they were trained to be cruel with him. With small mistakes, He used to be beaten on daily basis like his mother was. He had routine of " Work, Go School, Come back and Work". He used to always curse god and finally had lost his belief on "GOD". Once a month, his mother used to come to visit him from village. The moment he used to see his mother, he used to run and just hug her tightly. Even when mother used to ask about scar on faces and hands, he used to smile and lie to her that he was very happy. Maybe, he knew she might be already suffering herself in village. It went on for long time. The boy had no life there. When he wanted to study, he was meant to do works. Only school was place where he could do it. His mother would know everything about his son with those scars. She insisted her husband to take his son with him and care him there only or else he wouldn't study somewhere he is not taken as human. Almost after 2 years of await, His life took another turn. PHASE I RECALL: He was very silent kid. He used to see his whole family against from childhood. He used to try and save from getting beaten. They both used to cry a lot. The sad part was that, when his father used to trust his own mother rather than my mother: "and used to beat her even more." He used to hate his father as well. Every aunts of his family were senior to his mother and used to force her do all doings. Every mistakes were transferred to his mother as no one would trust her words. Only when the second child was born, maybe his father started loving that child as her was very cute. Plus, there were no any child in the family at those times. PHASE III: He was taken to Kathmandu by his father. It was in 2000 AD, where the boy first visited to Kathmandu thinking his life was going to better now. Initially, he was not interested to go with his father as he disliked him. But then he thought, his father has right to do anything with him rather than the outsiders. He was very afraid of his father. He joined private school. He found a new life. Slowly, after living together he started finding changes in his father. Maybe, his father also started realizing importance of child and family. Stuffs like, “During office times, his father used to hide money for his son under table, boxes, in books which he read, etc." The Boy started loving his father back again. Slowly after a year, his brother and mother started living with them together. Maybe that was when, the boy found what he had dreamed of. "Family Together" PHASE IV: Years passed by, the family was together. Once a year, whole family used to visit village, and maybe with time people started changing. The boy had forgiven everyone who treated him bad in those days. But mother never forgets anything. She didn't want to talk to anyone who treated her slave in past. It was fun going village after then. He was very happy seeing so much changes in his life. Everything seemed so good for him, as when he reached to class SEVEN, he accidentally broke his leg. ALL OVER?? PHASE FURTHER: *CANCER *LOVE FAILURE *INTROVERT *ALONE *EXPLORE

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Jul 15, 2020 3 years ago

Time and time again, we experience things that we assume are GREAT, We soon find out that each thing would lead to our eventual FATE. It's hard to trust someone that has lied to your FACE, It's hard to get over the past and move on to a new PLACE. Sick and tired of liars, cheaters and the weak MINDED, Living life day by day oblivious to society; BLINDED. Saying that things will get better and continue FORTH, Believing what we hear daily and HENCEFORTH. Taking in every little white lie and replaying each WORD, Ignoring the atrocities that may have OCCURRED. You claim to be someone you're not and neglect who you really ARE, Actions contradict your words, how truly BIZZARE. The words you speak turn to silent TEARS, All you stood for is dead after all these YEARS. Time can't change the past; it determines what may COME, Time can only heal the hearts and minds of SOME. Even if we're given all the time we may ever NEED, Some still can't hide their lust or GREED. Gluttons for attention, sloths throughout the DAY, While pride, envy and wrath control all we ever SAY. Those truths that you claim are real are far and FEW, Lie to me again and prove to me that HYPOCRISY, THE NAMEz YOU.



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