Jesus Christ Follower

Tucson, United states

I am Yolitza, a high school student and I am 17 years old. I love playing the violin, reading, and be a server of God. I have a family of six, I am the second oldest, and I have 3 sisters. My passion is Worshiping God.

I choose not to be meaningless

Jul 09, 2018 6 years ago

As much as I achieve into this existing world, flourish into a proud succesful woman into the eyes of men, what does this bring to? I found myself questioning what's the real purpose of endeavouring many accomplishments but then not knowing why for this. From my creator, a life without a purpose is no life at all. Purpose is defined as the reason for why something exists. For example, a government or king came to exist to have control and authority over a nation. Everything that is around us has a purpose, simple as why does a cup exist? I belief their is a purpose for each person, I certainly know I am not in this world for the pleasing of men. To know our purpose we must first seek our creator. How surprising it is to know the purpose of why we exist. When we cease, people remember the personality of us and everything we did in this world. Yet, we will not bring with us how they feel about us, however, we will leave them of what we felt about them. All concluding that when we die, nothing we take. In this world we leave a influence on people. We might leave a good influence or bad influence but whichever it is we still die. Is dying the purpose of our lives? That whatever we accomplish and influence on people, the end of our lives will still be there. I belief their is more to life than this world. I do not accept the concept that we live for the pleasure of our goals or whatever we choose to do we die anyways. Then my conclusion would be life is useless. The purpose of our lives is not to please men and live until we can but to please our creator in the purpose it gives us to receive a never ending life. I am sure that life was not created to live for some years then be ended. My purpose is found upon my creator, that whatever I do in this world has a meaning to it. I am not meaningless in this world, no one is meaningless unless one chooses to be so. In conclusion, purpose is the guide to our lives. Purpose is only given by who created us. Let us be guided through our purpose to have a meaningful life.

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