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Life Examined

Aug 01, 2019 2 years ago

My story, begins with my thoughts 💭. My thoughts fuel my energy, create my reality, and to a certain degree gives my days some SUBSTANCE. I currently have found myself in the undesirable position of being FRIENDLESS. Contrarily to public opinion, it's really not so bad. Hear me out. When you find yourself surrounded by folks who have no sincere interest of your well being why would I consider such disloyal, corrupt individuals to be in the circle? Unfortunately I can't find a place in my mind to rest. I am beginning to get older. My living and being COMFORTABLE has taken precedence in my life. A mortal human being with one life to live cannot afford to make to many mistakes. Rethinking my approach to life at age 35 I feel is utterly necessary.

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No Title

Jul 09, 2019 2 years ago

Today the question that inherits my thoughts is WHY? This simple one word question resonates through my mind, circulates through my blood flow, and leaves me feeling quite puzzled. Why has the life that I once was very fond of exists no more? Why are the days that I once looked forward to now plagued with utter regret and division? All the days of my life seems as if they have been placed before me with the worst of intentions. As the saying goes \\"You make your bed and you will have to lie in it. \\" Why has my free will become an absolute lack of genuine interest? The only answer that comes to mind is the truth is to be lived. I guess I just have to keep on keeping on. Life is just what it is.

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Open Minded

May 31, 2019 2 years ago

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The thought process that I identity with begins to take hold of me. Why do I allow this way of thinking to consume my sense of reality. I know that I want to change my life. It is my belief that it all starts with my way of thinking. As the great Aurelius once said,\\"Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.\\" So now I find myself armed with this powerful information. The thing is I have to apply this information. I once thought that I could serve two masters. Meaning I actually thought that I could indulge in questionable extra curricular activities and be able to get and keep a decent job that would sustain the inevitable costs of living. So today I wish

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Life through my Lens

May 29, 2019 2 years ago

Life is the accumulation of a series of events that lead you to where your thoughts have taken you. To me my life seems very interesting. I know that I have the power to overcome these self imposed hurdles that I've placed in my path. As the saying goes anything worth having is worth fighting for. As I go through life I began to realize that my human form has many shortcomings. The asset of my youth begins to fade away. Left with the Inevitable fact that growing up and older will befall every man lucky enough to live long enough. I think back to my past. I was blessed to have both of my parents who did everything they believed to be best for me and my siblings. In middle school I was an honor roll student, in 7th grade I made all A's and B's throughout the entire school year. In eighth grade it was much of the same. I was also an athlete my favorite sport however was basketball at the time. I was on the road to success I like to think. \\"To thine own self be true\\" comes to mind. I began to stray from my path. This was what eventually led to my doom. Placing in my life elements I wouldn't have had to deal with had I just stayed true to myself. Focus now on the present day and I now find myself trying to get a grip on my life. It's truly amazing how a person can continuously make bad decisions that causes you to not reach your full potential. Life has a funny way of getting you to pay attention to whatever you may be overlooking. \\"Fortune favors the Bold.\\" Those bold enough to make it their business to get out here and take the calculated risk have a greater chance of accomplishing something great.

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