About Us

Biopage is a social networking platform that encourages people to write their story - a biography page to introduce yourself in your own words, and updating posts for important events and life experiences.

It is a social networking place for writers. Writing skill is essential to success in our life and career path.

Biopage is available to registered users with our website, mobile iOS app, and Android app.

Biopage allows registered users, either individual or business, to create a "Biography Page" to introduce themselves or their business to the worldwide internet community. The biography page can be short and sweet, or as detailed as necessary, to reflect either personal life, or career interest, or business strategy and ideas.

Biopage lets users make their current biography always available to their interested parties. Besides, users can post "Updates" with stories, photos, or videos, to showcase individual current events. Updates are in micro blogging style with a title, paragraphs, and tags. Visitors are able to like the updates, and post comments as well.

Biopage lets users create and edit "My Social Media", a list of their other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, etc. This makes a user's Biopage page a simple portal for his or her online social life, to get connected to the online society in all different ways.

Biopage encourages users to write with words, and post only limited number of updates. This will make a simple and easy platform to users who feel overwhelmed with other social medias that are filled with over-flowing traffic and digital postings.

Biopage also provides simple direct messaging for users to communicate directly, either one-to-one, or in group chats.

Biopage allows users to choose to be public or private, and allows "follow" and "unfollow" to create their own interest groups.

Simple and clean communication is our goal to be provided to our users to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and business customers.

Biopage, social media made simple.


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