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I’m Chance Harvey and I’m going to be attending college to pursue a career in Journalism. I like to write.


A Boy and His Dog

Jul 05, 2023 11 months ago

Amidst a global pandemic, trapped in my own home, it was hard to find joy. I missed my friends, my family, going to school or going out to have fun, and all my other favorite hobbies. Days felt like they blended together, and the longer I stayed in quarantine, the more I felt like I was missing out on life. What first started as a month off from school, getting to kick back and relax, soon turned into some sort of purgatory. At the start of quarantine I was a freshman in High School, and by the time the school year had already finished and another was around the corner, I started to feel depressed. The thought of a full school year behind a computer screen and sitting on a couch at home wasn't a very pleasant one. To keep myself busy for the months before my Sophomore year since I couldn't go out, I decided to take my Health class online over the summer. I remember having a hard time focusing during that summer, as my mind would dwell on my friends I hadn't seen in what felt like. lifetime. As I sat on my couch, typing, reading, and clicking away, I felt a sense of loneliness I hadn't ever felt before in my life. Sat behind my screen, I would continue to space out and fall behind. Some days I couldn't even focus for hours on end, sitting in one place, alone with nothing but my melancholy thoughts. I remember one day I sat on the couch in that very spot once more, behind that same computer screen, trying to focus and complete the Health course I was taking. I heard little tappings on the floor, as I saw my 5 year old Boxer Elvira walking over towards me. She wasn't a very interactive dog, not the kind to kiss or cuddle, but she jumped up onto the couch next to me. She could sense my anxiety and stress, as she curled up next to me, before she soon was sleeping on my legs. Her warmth made me feel better, and every time I could feel her breathe, and her body would shift up and down, it made me feel safe. The world around me didn't matter at that moment, just me and Elvira, a boy and his dog. I didn't finish my course that day, but this small moment of love helped me get back on track. My favorite part was after I put the screen down, taking a nap with her. This memory is very close to my heart, as about half a year later she would pass away. As the months went by and her physical condition worsened, I held my fond memories close. When she was put to rest, I fell back into a depression that took me a long time to crawl out of. When I saw this picture again, having forgotten about the memory all together, I was swept up in emotion, both good and bad. It took me back to a time when I felt an emptiness I hadn't felt in a long time, and in a moment's notice it was all okay again. I missed the warm feeling I had, but more importantly I missed my friend. This is a memory I will have with me for the rest of my life.

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