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My name is jennessy marquez and i am a 16 year old girl who have a dream to be a writer one day but before i get to that let me tell u the whole beginning when i was a little kid . I was about 3 year old and my mom always use to tell me when i was that age that i will always go to the refrigerator to find something to get and that she have to find something to keep it shut and that would always crack me up. Once i hit 9 year old, i started to get bullied in school becuase well i was chubby or that terms “fat” and “ugly” and that made me hate how i look , everyday when i look at myself in the mirror , i try to tell myself that im beautiful but it didnt work and when i come home from school , i lock myself in a room and cry and sometimes i cry myself to sleep because i hate myself and my life until i was in 6-7 and there was this boy name carlos and his nickname was sharky because he looked like the boy from sharkboy and lavagirl but he was a fake person , he was nice to me when it was just me and him but when it was with everyone else , he bully me. One time in gym he tripped me when i was running and no one helped me up , i just wanted to run away and cry because i had no one by my side or this girl name genai and she would think im creepy and weird , to be honest i think she just bipolar and not to offend anyone , im saying this because her mood would switch next period or like in 2 minutes but those two people make me cry and make me want to hurt myself and no im not mental or crazy. I hit 14 year old and i started to love myself because i had myself my bestfriend , his name is jose , he was there for me when no one could , he make me happy when im sad or angry or even when im not myself in some days. Everytime im with him , he always smile when im with him and ill do the same because well i liked him , he was the first boy i actually had feels for like i wanted to spend my life with. Me and jose texted one night for hours because that day was the day we told how we felt for each other and i would never forget that day because i never met him then i dont know what i would do , he went to prom with me and to my gradution but before that i went downstairs to see him in my school and he was happy to see me because well im his girlfriend and we both was happy that we was dating and he told me that i looked beautiful but i didnt think it was true so i hugged him and went to my gradution and i guess he was there but i didnt see him because im short. Me and him broke up like 2 times because he was moving , i didnt want to break up with him because i love him. Now im 16 and in the 10 grade , i got into gaming and cooking but more into cooking because i need to eat of course but gaming is more like a hobbie when im bored , dont get me wrong its fun but i like to cook more because you can make things and it would turn out good or bad but you can learn from them. One day in my house the most Embarrassing thing happen , me and my brother was play fighting and i was laughing so hard because he was doing the most stupidest thing ever and then i said he have pimple nipples because it look liek he had no nipples and i was laugh soo hard that i accidentally pee myself and now my brother keep reminding not to pee mysef when i laugh or when i was at my grandmother house , i was visiting her because my mom had to take care of her own mother , my grandmother have diabetes and she maybe dying any day now and i didnt want to tell my mom that im bisexual because she got alot on her plate. I told my boyfriend and he was okay with it and my sister and my cousin. Its was valentine and Halloween, i got my boyfriend a teddy bear and i think cholocate because i remeber that he can eat it but cant drink it and then in halloween , we went trick or treaty for the first time together but like i am . I was being a fatass , i mean he comitted to be with me so thats who he going to be with, he already know i was one but i had the most funnest and funnyiest day ever. If i ever one was go back to a day i would go to prom , only cause it was the best day ever , i had my first kiss. Now its may 27,2019 and im very sad, i wouldnt be talking to my boyfriend for about 2 months because he going to be very busy and let me remind you , he is 15 and he kinda lives in los angeles cali. I wish i could visit him one day but i cant because my mom dont let me outside but i dont care , its for my own safety( i love my mom with all hearts but i give her a hard time and i dont mean to , im a teenager and i act up cause of how people treat me in my house or school). Everyday im worried because i dont know if he might die because he have cancer but im afraid when im not there with him , i cant say my final goodbye. This is my life.

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