Chris The Solider

Jan 31, 2020 4 years ago

CHRIS THE SOLDIER Mommy don't cry I'll be ok, just Stay Strong and continue to Pray Can't stop now, we have to survive, think of the good times like when I was taught how to drive. Enjoy this time of me being away, I'll be back soon, how about you ask dad to take you on another honeymoon.  Smile Smile Smile with no regret Chris Curry is just now a Marines Man, but forever and Mommy man that's a bet. I'm defending our Freedom, that's a right call, not out in the street chasing females having them call me and dirty dog. Continue to write all your letters, they make me feel like a true eagle with all its feathers. I'm not here just for a gun, I'm helping make our world a better place, so you can go out and be free but also enjoy the time of having lots of fun. What a great Mother you are, now allow me to show you an even Greater Soldier I will become……………….  By: Jumisha J. Jones a.k.a Quiet Storm I was just thinking about my Auntie Staci so I wrote her this poem for her, about my cousin Chris

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