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On Virgins

Jun 01, 2019 3 years ago

On virgins and sex and development in Nigeria. The truth of the matter Let me tell you how Israel wins it wars It prays, does dry fasting and serious prayers Does more prayers Then goes to God with a sex card and a virgin register When God looks at the sex card and virginity register and sees that there's less sex and more virgins, he smiles and nods These guys are very serious and indeed my children so he blesses them with light to power their freezers and heaters and turns on the Nigerian heat on their enemies Next, he uses his mighty breathe to power their ships which he built when everyone kept their virginity for as long and no one sinned at all, and those ships moved with Godspeed and sunk all the ships of their enemies God was pleased also and then sent barley(beer) and wheatbread and sausages with a rain of roast turkey to feed them Then they broke their fast with the feast lain for them in the presence of their enemies and they were oiled with joy Check your Bible. This is how God worked every single time Even when they failed to fast and pray, as long as they presented their virginity and sex register, they were good to go

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