Quarantine’s mania

I am Younis, 22 years old. My friends call me the normal one because I like Klopp “Liverpool” coach although I am a fan of Arsenal. And Messi is my hero. We are now in the end of Feb., 2020. I woke up and felt everything was totally different. My dad was talking seriously with my mum about a virus. I surfed the net and read about a virus that hits the world hard and spread all over the world. We still in the beginning of 2020 and I want to achieve lots of things. “Take care, my son” “COVID-19 is a fatal virus” my mum told me that many times. She bought oranges, peppers, vitamin-C, medicine, masks, and gloves. I was always looking from my balcony to see people; most of them weren't wearing masks. I felt unsecured. But I felt secured and happy after seeing lots of kits flying in the sky I took my decision to stay in my room till Covid-19 ends. I prepared all my stuff, my mobile, laptop, chargers, power banks. I was going to stay home for long. I chose a name which expressed this period; it was “Quarantine's mania” During this time, I discovered some ugly facts about the Facebook. I am going to mention them. #1 99% of your friends on the Facebook of them were fake. #2 98% of 99% hate your posts. #3 noone likes the type of the music you like. #4 80% of the posts about COVID-19 were untrue But Facebook could kill boredom & let me know that the people I care were alive. Days went by, I got bored but my passion to be locked in my room grew. My parents wanted to travel to our house in the countryside as it was safer than here but my answer was no. I preferred to stay alone facing this virus. I made a plan of 7 points. #1 never meets friends. #2 Nescafe is a must. #3 no fast food. #4 cooking by myself #5 washing my clothes by myself #6 if neighbors brought me food, I would refuse. #7 workout daily. The problem is that I used to go to the gym but because of the precautionary measures of the COVID-19, all the gyms were closed. I did sports at home and empowered my leg muscles through running up and down around the house. I do not want to have a paunch one day. I adapted with all the plan. I was sleeping only 4 or 6 hours per day but I was satisfied. My only fear is my immune system. I wanted to empower it. I avoided the fast food. For more than two months, my routine was the same. I woke up from my short sleep, having my only meal, praying, surfing the net, and watching series or movies, looking from the balcony to see the kites. I had no desire to chat with anybody and this made me lose lots of friends. It is 11th of May, my birthday and it was a different day; I decided to walk out. The weather was fine and I want to celebrate. I wore my mask, my gloves, and went out with a smile on my face. I met a young girl playing with a ball in the entrance of the building. She was staring at me but I ignored her. My mum called me and wished me a happy birthday. When I returned, the young girl was there. She said “It is me Lily”, I always listen to your rap. Really I hate rap. Me: oh, misery. So hey Lily, it is too late, why are you still here? Lily: And you should be at home at 8 not at midnight. Me: I was bored and it was my birthday. Lily: happy birthday. Me: thx, How old are you? Lily: 13. Me: so is there a problem? Lily: My brother made a coronavirus test. It was positive. I am sad for him. So., I left the house. I was a speechless. Lily: Do you have Facebook account? She was a chatterbox but a type of girls that made you change your plans. Me: Yes. what did your parents do? Lily: They isolated him in his room and we had to sanitize every spot at home. We put medicine and food in front of his room to take them. Me: afraid? Lily: yes. I gave Lily's parents a bag full of vitamin-c, masks, gloves and alcohol 70%. and wished him speed recovery. I added Lily on the Facebook. We were chatting all the day. Lily and I made a kite and flew it in the backyard garden. We wore masks and took sanitizer and avoid people. We worked out daily and we kept the precautionary measures as we were talking and doing sports. We involved in many social activities as we were all in a long vacation. Lily's brother shared his experience of COVID-19 with the others through my YouTube channel. The cases of COVID-19 began to increase so Lily's parents asked Lily and her brother not to go out anymore. Lily asked me to teach her English and how to rap so I found the video chat a cool option for that. My plan changed, I had chats with my friends again and uploaded videos on the about Football's tactics. I created a group to have a daily video chat with my parents and this made me feel better. Lily helped me to sleep more than 6 hours as I always feel dizzy because of staying awake all the night. It is important to have guys in your life to share ideas with them. Lily parents gave me food but I put it in the microwave as I was still afraid of COVID-19.

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