Sweet Mystery

I have been talking to a couple of friends and asked them if they'd rather go intimate with someone the know or some they don't, they all voted somebody they know, but I'd rather have Coitus with someone I don't know, just imagine going to a masquerade ball and all you know is yourself, and you're standing there at the balcony sniffing the cold breeze then a hand cups you on the waist, your lower back touches his hard tarso, you feel that skip in your heart then you turn your head to look and you see a beautiful silver eyes look your direction through a thick mask and you're drown in them, whatever happened, you don't know but he's kissing you, your brain's telling you no! but your heart is kind of a betrayer, then boom! you're on bed and the sex is absolutely perfect, your best. next morning, you wake up and he's gone, but you slept on a hotel bed and how you got there, you still don't know but the bills are cleared, your mask is still on, untouched, you rethink last night and realized you don't know the person who gave you the best sex of your life, he didn't leave you with his contact, you don't know his name, you don't know how he looks, all you know is a beautiful silver eyes and hard tarso, Then walking in town, all your looking for is a hard tarso and a guy with silver eyes, Then well, you keep booking every masquerade ball in town and puts on the same mask to every masquerade and in all of them, you keep meeting him but you forget to know how he looks, cause it's against the rules of the balls, he doesn't talk to you and you don't talk to him but you begin guessing that his voice is moisturizer than that of an oyster, all you do when you meet is have good sex and you both got so addicted to it and keep hoping one day, maybe one day, you'll get to know it... but you never know, maybe, you met him along the way, maybe he already seen your face or maybe, he ask you out for coffee and you turned him down, or maybe you guys are two worlds apart.

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