A week experience without family

In each person has own truth on their stories. As life pases, people tend to live with their cloth members such as, friends, parents and grandparents. These all called "one family". People without family are looked like as "stopped hearts". So family means everything in people's life if they have any sensitive feelings. Furthermore, I have also suffered these feelings in a past time. Before starting my story, I need to declare that family is the only group that cures for every "disease". If i am not mistaken these all started with my family travel. Clearly, my family members went to other country for some reasons. In that time my little brother and me stayed at home for guarding it. However, it was the first time for me to be as free person who could do any works that are possible without any restriction. Also, during these time I have some responsibilities that needed to perform. So I decided to arrange all activities for a week. In that time i had to live for 2 people. Because there were some extra tasks of my brother that all need to solved by me. He had some extra tasks such as his homework, and judo. That is why i should bring him to sport activity.And also i had other home tasks as washing dishes, cooking meal, preparing several things. In that time i needed to hurry for each step of work. However, preparing meals for dinner and lunch were one of the unforgettable events that i had ever suffer. During this period, i had several issues with preparing dinner that my brother desired. It was also one of the life challenge for me and helped to me being master in cooking. I cooked some traditional meal with rice in a first day of the week. Then I began to learn new fast food preparation reception that attracted my brother to eat as well. In addition, I fried sausage and eggs for breakfast during the morning. Sometimes, it was late for me and my little bro to eat some food because of finishing daily tasks lately. Andin these situations we just go to somewhere which was so attractive. One day, we went to our aunt's home to have lunch with relatives. We took some food from outdoor and went to them. Honestly, it was one of the easiest day of my life that i spend almost 7 days with my brother. Because we spent all time of the day in my aunt's home. After returning home, my little brother asked me to cook something for him. And i opened the fridge but i found only sausages. The fridge was empty. So, i took junk foods and fried them with potatoes as chief does. Then it was time to clean the whole house and tidy up. But at this time i had not much desire to do that. And i just postponed whole for the next day. Day by day, i gained several skills that teach me to be professional "survivalist" ). Finally, the last day of freedom my family return to home. They told me all aspects of their travelling, shared their feelings also. I heard every words of them respectifully, and told them my story what i did that i had not ever done. They smiled at me. And we had a little funny debate among them. The day ended unforgettable with excited joy. I could not forget this event that i experienced. I remember this all coincidence with great pleasure in the rest of my life.

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