Best achievment

When I was young, I was a girl who was only interested in studying, did not play like other children, did not have fun. My life in school from 2nd to 7th grade was like an old TV show. That is, without color and substance, in black and white. I used to take part in various contests right up to the Olympics. But just because of the name of the school, I was never able to prepare well. My teachers who took me didn't know that after each defeat, my heart hurts and my self-confidence gradually fades. So after a few days, my interest in studying and my self-confidence were significantly lower than before. I started to feel like a useless person. But, at that time, my mother quickly realized this and gave me great confidence. Because at that time, a new specialized school was opened in our city, and the selection exams were taking place. My parents came to me and told me these words: "We will always believe in you and respect your decisions. Because you are capable of everything, as long as we believe in you, believe in yourself. Don't give up, it's for the weak." work. A person should strive for victory and live by learning from defeats." After these words, I realized that I have to act. I studied hard and my confidence came back. It's time for the test results to come out. I see that I have been accepted to a new school. I couldn't stop crying after hearing this news. Because I thought it was my first achievement. But I'm wrong, my biggest achievement is that I was born in such a family and had such good parents. My self-confidence has been growing for 2 years. Now I see myself as an accomplished, independent person, not the incompetent person I was before. My parents are the reason for all this. Therefore, I think that everyone should appreciate their parents. Because the bitter truth is that we feel that we are growing up, but we do not feel that our parents are getting old.

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