An Angel

I left my house and casually walked down the street, i had my hands in my trouser pockets. I looked around and took a deep breath, clicking my teeth, the air was moist and fresh, the sun was warming up my briefly closed eye sockets. Then while walking by the street bench in the neighborhood, i saw a girl sitting down there. She was bent face down, her head on her hands, with her hair covering her face, her shoulders were drooped and shuddering, as if they were too heavy a load to bear. I stopped and looked at her, her shoulders stopped shuddering, then she looked up. I saw an angel, with a bit of hope on her face, then i saw sadness and then came the tears. Her hair hung at the sides, her face a picture of grief. she looked down again, this time with her hands covering her ears. I went towards her, paused slightly and then sat down on the bench beside her, sighing. She went still, shifted away slightly and looked up at me with questioning red eyes. I looked back at her, motioning with my hands. Then I drew up the two corners of my lips and smiled. She turned and shifted further away, i moved after her, as if we were in a line. She looked at me again, her eyes sharper than before, they were less red though. I looked back at her and smiled again, but she frowned in response, her face like scrunched and squeezed up dough. She stood up and started to walk away, i stood up, followed her, and then got beside her, she sped up , then I did the same as well. Soon we were running and through all this no one said a thing, the day was brightening, and the angel was doing the same as well. It seemed as if a magic spell had been cast. Then she glared at me as she stopped to catch her breath. I stopped to catch mine as well and thus the spell was broken. She looked at me questioningly as she straightened up, i shook my head and just smiled. Then tears began to flow again as she hugged herself where she stood. Instinctively i moved closer to her and widened my arms, and again like magic, she fell into them, at first as stiff as wood. Then she relaxed, buried herself further into my arms and burst into tears. After some time, she left my arms, looking at me questioningly yet again. I smiled and asked her a question, "was it a guy?" She flinched and her eyes grew watery again. I grinned however, and asked her further, "is he as handsome as I am?" She burst into laughter, but it was cut off abruptly as she began to cough and sniffle. Still she kept her eyes on mine and cleared her throat. Then the angel smiled back at me.....

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