A Little Caterpiller's Choice

After the harsh cold winter washes away with the gentle spring breeze, the whole world becomes warm and bright. One of the backyards in the countryside also gets to taste the wonder of spring. Various kinds of flowers start to blossom one by one, attracting pretty little creatures called butterflies. They go around from one flower to another, fluttering their beautiful wings gracefully. Somewhere in the corner of a yard, there is someone who has been staring at this beautiful scene silently. It is none other than a little caterpillar who has been pondering over whether to continue living as a caterpillar or to transform into a beautiful butterfly for a few days. If he chooses to live as a caterpillar, he will have to repeat the same lifestyle as he did until now. On the other hand, if he becomes a butterfly, he can explore the whole yard while freely fluttering his gorgeous wings and getting closer to the flowers easily, unlike his previous self. He also knows that being neither a butterfly nor a caterpillar can make him immortal. Now or later, he is bound to meet his death. The thought that troubles him the most is 'the process of transformation.' He doesn't want to go through it at all. The first reason is he can't be bothered with such complicated hardships because he is too used to and comfortable with his current life. The second reason is he is afraid that the outcome of the transformation will not meet his expectations. He would rather magically change his green, ugly, and heavy body into something pretty and lovable.  At one point in a lifetime, we humans are also bound to meet a period between caterpillar and butterfly. The choice solely depends on us. The difference between before and after this period is clear as day. At the end of the day, the prize and privilege will be given differently according to the choices. When that time arrives, we have to be careful not to blame, envy, or be jealous of others' achievements. Because we, ourselves, are the ones who make the choice. We have to gladly accept whatever our awards may be. Back to the above story, the little caterpillar decided to become the most amazing butterfly with no regrets, even if he only got to live for a few seconds. Photo cr: getty image

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