"The other side of the coin"

It was the middle of summer. It was a time when a complex situation – COVID-19 – appeared in front of the nations of the world. Rather than socio-economic problems, countries have made fighting this killer virus their main goal. At that time, I had just finished school and was preparing documents to enter a university. I knew that studying at the institute would play a key role in my life, so I was drowning in an ocean of deep thoughts and fears before the exam. Additionally, that exam was different from others as it had to be conducted : under the open sky with strict quarantine rules and masks while keeping distance. Finally, in early August, I entered the crucial exam. The exam was not as difficult as I thought because God was supporting me. The next day, when the exam scores were announced, I was gifted with a high score. I felt that I got into the institute based on my score, even though there was no confirmation of full acceptance yet. After a few days, I began to notice various changes in my health. I had a fever for two or three days and lost a little appetite. I quickly got rid of those symptoms, but unfortunately, I lost all sense of smell and taste. I and my family members had already understood what kind of disease it was, but we were afraid of going to the hospital. The reason for that was all the hospitals for COVID-19 were full of patients at that time, and if they found out about my diagnosis, they would have isolated me in a separate quarantine zone. Neither my parents nor I wanted it, because if we did, I would be separated from my family, and most likely, my long-awaited education would be delayed. My parents prepared an isolation room for me in our house and forbade my brother and sister to enter there. Our neighbor is a doctor, so he gave me some antibiotics that I needed for three days. I was very depressed. I felt like I was stuck in a cage, cut off from the world. I was feeling various sad feelings because after a month I had to go to the capital city of Tashkent to study at the institute, and I would study there for four years away from my family. Moreover, I could not distinguish the taste and smell of things I ate and smelt. At that time, I realized how valuable my family and such priceless abilities which God has given were to me. When my mother brought me different meals to eat, I could hardly smell them and feel strange taste like burnt rubber while eating. I was deeply depressed, afraid that these processes would remain with me for a long time. But my parents didn't leave me alone even in that situation; they cheered me up in various ways and tried to help me forget these hardships. September came and I left for the capital city to continue my studies at the institute. It was my first time away from my family for a long time, so the first month of study was difficult for me. Even though my health was much better and I had completely forgotten about COVID-19, the sense of taste still hadn't returned. Additionally, I realized that adapting to a new environment and people and learning to live independently are not easy for everyone. Difficulties of the life teach a person to be strong and develop a personal immunity to overcome them; we just must know how to endure them and be able to stand while failures. Time flowed like water, I could not catch how six months passed and my sense of smell and taste had almost recovered. I felt like I was reborn in life. Currently, I am a third-year student at the institute. Even though these events happened a long time ago, they left an indelible mark and lessons in my life. Now I learn how to cope with difficulties in life and be independent. God has shown us through COVID-19 how important and necessary our skills and family relationships are, and for enduring these hardships with patience, God rewarded us with a feeling of gratitude. COVID-19 has become a symbol of unity not only for humanity but also for nations and countries because countries have worked together in solidarity to overcome it and find a vaccine. Every effort and challenge have its own reward, we just need to remember that: “Every coin has the other side”.

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