Thank You Covid 19

Thank You Covid 19 As usually, we are having breakfast with family in the morning. I said as usual Honestly as usual sounds to me strange. We do not spend time together not too much even for meal time-frame. My parents will not be in the morning at home they commute to work from village to city centre, that is why They go to earlier. When I wake up breakfast will be ready. But Since April we are at home because of Coronavirus, almost all places closed . My mother was angry When she saw scar on my face and asked what I did my face. I did I did really? maybe somebody did maybe something did. Why I should do something bad for me. It happened two weeks with my mother when We were cleaning house. I was helping to move sofa it scratched my face. She did not paid attention,my mother was busy something important. As Kid I can not image what it can be important except own son for mother. My friends complain that they are three or four kids in the family. Their parents like big child because he or she was born first and has more responsibility than other or Younger one. Small children are cute and sweet, all attention should be on them. I do not know I should cry or I should laugh because I am big, small and only one child in our family. My friend told me he knows his mother by her smell. Either I do not know how to smell my mother or My parents has no smell. I rarely remember my childhood with my parents, maybe because of lack memory. I was raised up by babysitter. I played with her I felt happy with her. Unfortunately, I'm not anymore Kid. I went outside alone If I talked with friends, they laughed at me They said I'm different. My close friend is paper and pencil. I tell my all words and secret to them. They do not laugh and not disturb when I talk. We have talked with it about my life My life I was born unexpected time No surprise no excitement face Love You, My Love even such lying I need I would like to say Yes Me still alive Nobody see me Nobody cares Nobody touches me It will be first time in 14 years If You say hello If You hug me Thinking a lot, question Why?! Way is so long but life is short I have not finished yet My bunch of dreams note Life is the same no changes not at all First morning lunch time then comes evening I found hatredness, I found sadness But no hope, no joy, no meaning What purpose for waiting my final breath Yell now, Say something I'm in life Bus goes, Train comes in every hour It can't be again It can't be my next arrive. It sounds uncommon but Coronavirus not brought to me virus, it brought to me immunity. It connected and strengthened bond between me and my parents. My parents come to back. Covid-19 showed again to world How We are weak and How we need each other. And it was good lesson about we live very short at the same We can do a lot of things in brief moment. If my parents yell or punish me I will not be sad because I waited it for long time. Virus helped to understand wealth is not valuable as looks. Treasure is Love, Happiness is moment, Debt is Kindness, I MISS YOU COVID 19…

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