PART 2 "Are you serious sir?" Maybell asked in fright? Mary would start to smell by then. "Do as I say Maybell. The Rapha orders and you've got to obey." Maybell gulped down and looked around for a nearby sit to help her tired leges. After sometime, the pastor left to his office or so. Thoughts began flooding into her head. "What's gonna happen to my kids by tomorrow? Mark would be dead by then." "What am I gonna eat?" She rememebered she kept some stew in the fridge at home. Her bag was at.....wait. Her home. Why was she instructed by who knows, not to go home? Why was the note written in blood? She began to doubt if they'd ever wake up if she keeps them here any longer without medical attention. "I need to go to a hospital." She thought withing herself. That'd be better right? After much thinking, Maybell left with her kids without informing her pastor. She got to the hospital in the evening. The rain was still falling though. The doctors refu.sed to admit the kids on the basis that she's got to deposit some amount of money first before treatment commences. The money on her wouldn't be enough so the only choice was for her to go home. But she was warned. How did the note get to her in the first place? Was it really referred to her or was it a coincidence? Why were the words written in blood? She didn't understand. She decided to disobey her instincts warning her not to go home as curiosity got the better of her. She used the excuse that she was only entertaining fears. But the excuse was for who? She kept her kids in the custody of a Janitor in the hospital and headed home to get some money. Everywhere seemed dark. That's unusual. She couldn't even see the way to her door. What's happening? Suddenly, she started hearing drum beats and strange voices and words. Sounds like incantations or something. She was very much afraid. The noises became louder and more scary! She turned back to leave the place but couldn't see anything. Her pastor had even told her not to go home. She was in a fetish trouble. What the hell is happening? Maybell screamed in fright as the voices came nearer and then.....blackout. THE END.😁😂 What's more important is the lesson and not the length of the story. Just like Lot's wife in the bible, where curiousity got the better of her and she had to turn back to look. Her eyes ended her life. She was wondering "What's happening? What a beautiful city being destroyed. I wish I can see what makes that sound! People are screaming...what's causing it? What's happening?! Let me just take one look. Just one look!" and then......gbam. A heap of salt she is. Maybell was curios too and that caused her the state she was in. And her kids are now in a helpless state. Sad. Curiosity has negative consequences and positive ones too. Just be mindful of what you wanna hear or see. The aftermath of a thing actually matters. Thanks for reading.

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