I didn't think it would happen.... sorry mom.

I don't know if my pearl will approve of this but I shall tell you guys. I may have found someone who I might want to spent spend my life with. This took two month to blossom and I don't know his name. But this I know he is potentially Buddhist, is in to Tantra and tantric love, he love autumn and early winter when the snow is pretty and he lives a peaceful life. He is intelligent and a gentleman. Unlike the other nerds who show off their junk to girls or post obsence stuff on your Facebook. Yes there are dorks like that. But I think I have found the big one. We flirt and talk about spirituality and what we want to do teachother. He is concerned when I am not online. The last asshole I stumbled up on was in high school and that little shit cheated on me repeatedly. But this current guy is older and wise. I hope to we one day at least spent one night together.

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