My Daughter and Me

In a few minutes, we reached Blue Path facing the low level of the grounding avenue and we stopped momentarily on the edge of the fountain. I noticed the day was marvelous. The sun was dying like a fat red bull behind the mountainous rocks; the birds were flying in circle around themselves and the wind from the open land seemed to kiss lovely through the huge trees and palms. The voices of people and of children coming from anywhere and made everyone more touchable to walk through the park. As we began to walk through the bridge, and as impassive as my little Tabby was, the river was running below. As mysterious as its enigma emerged to us, my little Tabby held herself a little. And suddenly, without any reason at all, she asked me, “Do you think I came from a river, Mom?” Imperiously, I tried to distract her by showing her a single fish at that moment he was swimming towards the deep water; but after a few moments, she asked me the same question again. “Do you think I came from a river, Mommy?” Somehow, I hated the monotonous method of explanation, the 'no-mistake' world that does not product anything else than a gap between an adult and a child. It was mattered to me and it was impossible to hold her any longer. I turned and looked at her. And slowly I began to explain her that she did in fact had come from a river. A small one, I said. “That was located between Spring and Autumn.” “Really, Mom?” she said. “How come? Can you explain it to me?” “Well,” I began to say. “Look at this river—” She turned and looked down at the river. “I'm looking at the river, Mom. Now what?” “What do you see?” She moved further and glanced down at the river. “Water...” “And?” “Lot of fishes and water, Mom.” “And?” “Weeds and lot of fishes and water, Mom.” “Now do you see this single fellow fish?” “Which one, Mom? There are so many of them?” “The strong man.” “This one, Mom?” “Yes! This one!” Then I began to explain her that many years ago there was a fish wandering up and down through a river like this one. He was alone and he did not have any kingdom and land. But he was a handsome fish and he was ready to be a king in this new land. That day he began to swim all day along until he entered into a black whole filled of sands and weeds. “As that one, Mom?” “Yes, like this one.” And he was surprised to see many fishes already gathering around or swimming toward a large tunnel guarding up by a group called Feeders. But our Handsome Fish was ready to be king and he didn't care about them. After an arduous battle he crossed the main floor of the tunnel; and then so imperative, he began to move through it. He turned his eyes back to see if the other fishes were behind. Yeah. They also were moving closer after him. He began to swim faster and faster. Until several feet ahead, there was a second gate surrounding by millions of fishes who have the same idea of his to pass the second guarded gate and reached the desirous throne. As they were beginning the difficult journal, Our Handsome Fish saw a second group called The Fish Knights who would make ever more difficult to trespass such gate. Because they were the only who had been authorized by the Fish Queen herself to kill any intruders. But the Handsome Fish was strong as well as smart that they had never seen one like him around and he was determined not to let them to eat him alive... My little girl Tabby interrupted me and asked who were really those Fish Knights and why they were guarding up the gate. Ah they were the tinny creatures who were designed to that purpose and their main job was to defense the queen against bad fishes. Then I said, “As you see, Tabby, there must be only one fish to be crowned as king.” “Oh!” she said as she stared at him quietly. Meanwhile in the two ways beneath the bridge goes out into the sea there was the entrance of the cattle. There was a glorious battle took place. The Noble Fishes and the Fish Knights began to fight. At this instant, Our Handsome Fish moved faster, followed by a Fish Knight. The Handsome Fish jumped into a sloppy wave and moved his arm desperately to reach the lighten hall. He saw an open door, just as Fish Knight was a foot away from him, Handsome Fish dashed into the lighten hall and fell himself against the soft carpet and began to laugh. And at the same time, the golden door closed behind him with a sound. And when those fishes reached the guarded gate, there would be one among them who would be able to pass through it. “Who was them Mom?” “It was Our Handsome Fish.” “How he would become a king?” I told her he would be first a Prince; then, inside the cattle after too much trouble, he would be crowned as a king. After that he would show everything else against it would close until the next season. “Was that the way I was born, Mom?” my little girl Tabby asked. I looked at her smiling. “Not only you, my sweetheart,” I said. “But each one of us.”

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