3 years ago, there was no sign of my current situation... I was in the 6th grade, and one day my mother told me that "Presidential schools are opening in all regions of Uzbekistan." But I didn't even pay attention to what my mother said, because after hearing her description of the school, I thought that for me it was a dream as far away as the Earth is from the Sun. I was only thinking of having fun with girls. As for my studies, I was good at mathematics because I studied at a specialized school, and I used to participate in Olympiads. But I didn't have a specific goal. I didn't even think a little bit about why I should study and what kind of profession I would get. I lived only for today and did not think about my future at all. Seeing my situation, my mum started to force me to study and taught me English, because she is an English teacher, and she took me to mathematics course. But I still didn't give up having fun, I had no desire to study at all. So I spent another year without studying... For the first time, "Presidential schools" were opened in a total of 4 regions. One day I saw a video on YouTube about the conditions there, and I really wanted to study there. I set a goal for myself and started studying for the first time. I looked around… I saw my peers already making their moves to get in there, and I started studying too, even though it was late. I completed the tasks given in the class on time, in fact, I can't say that I studied very hard. But I knew that my mother believed in me very much and wanted me to study there more than myself. So, 2 years have passed... As the days of the exams approached, my fear increased... All my relatives and friends were also waiting for my results, and I was even more excited when I thought about it. And that day came. My mother took me to the exam herself, and before going in, she said something that I still can't forget: "We believe in you, Durdona, you will definitely do it." Some kind of light came into me and I worked out the first round of exams. More than 1,000 students applied for admission to the school, and only 24 were selected. In the first round, 480 students were passed, and I was among them... I felt that the next exam would be stronger than this one. August 16, 2021. All the students, confident in their knowledge, came to the 2nd stage exams. This time also, my mother gave me motivation before entering the exam. Using all my knowledge, I solved the test, and when I came out, my mother asked "How was the exam?" and I said, "I will get more than 80 points". My mother used to say a lot that an educated people can predict how many points they will get if they take a test (by the way I got 81.1 out of 100). I was eagerly waiting for the announcement of the results. Finally, that day came. It was past 8 o'clock in the evening, and I was watching a video on YouTube, and I saw the message "results are out" on Telegram, and as soon as I saw it, my heart was filled with excitement and I began to tremble. My mother was also in front of me, but I went in without telling her and I saw that my ID was in the 3rd place😍... I didn't even realize how I shouted. At first, my mother was incredulous and asked again and again, "Is that really your ID?" and suddenly I started to cry, not tears of pain, but tears of happiness. I cried because I was happy to hear that I passed the exam that I had spent 2 years preparing for. After 2 months, I started studying at my new school. It was very difficult at first because my school was far from where I lived and I only went home once a week, which was very difficult for a little girl who had never been away from home. For the first time in my life, I spoke with foreign people. When I entered this school, I saw that there are many students who are stronger than me, and I realized that I should study harder. Before passing the exam, a lot of people believed in me, but now it seems to be 10 times more, because this school is different from other schools and there are only 14 of them in the whole Republic. What I learned from this experience in my life is that “nothing is impossible”, even if it is farther from you than the distance from the Earth to the Sun! Just believe that you can do it!

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