Twitter Censorship at its worst: when it benefits one candidate

I used to have a twitter account but it got suspended for “suspicious activity” (I was campaigning for Conor Lamb and posting those ads on other people's threads. Yes homeless people can be politically active. Congrats to Conor). I also did a get out the vote campaign, and posted Conor's, Beto O'Rouke (Dem. Candidate for Tex.), and Randy Bryce's (Dem. Candidate for Speaker Ryan old seat Wis.) donation page. I did a similar thing for the campaigns of Doug Jones (Dem. Sen. Ala.) and Ralph Northam (Dem. Gov. Va.) [Campaigning for those candidates and having a get out the vote campaign], and twitter didn't do anything to my account then. I wrote to former congressman John Delaney about my situation just prior my bankruptcy and all he stated was that he couldn't help at that time. One time on twitter I posted a birthday card to Bill Gates (it was around the time Jeff Bezsos had just overtaken Bill wealth wise. I also posted a birthday card to Former president Jimmy Carter, I liked his work with habitat for humanity). I remember thinking to myself, after I posted the card if I only had $15.00/hr. full-time job that would be my big break and I wouldn't have to deal with social services, live in my car, etc. In a later post on twitter to Mr. Gates I thanked him for all his philanthropic work (I would also thank Social Services and the churches that supported me as well as homeless advocates agencies and organizations, but it's not like being independent.). Having someone rich for a President (who is only interested in having tax reform benefit the top 1% and having a foundation as a piggy bank for himself and his family makes me appreciate people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet all the more.). I also made jokes about politics, sports, and other things on twitter. Something like “When Donald Trump last met with Vladimir Putin, the big question everyone wanted to know was is President Trump going to ask President Putin about meddling in our election. It turns out that the only question President Trump asked President Putin was how high.” Comparing Wilt Chamberlain to Christian Laettner I stated “Wilt is ONLY basketball player who has made the 20,000 plateau on the court and off, does that mean Laett isn't great. No Laett is great there is no debate.” I also stated, “How is playing football with Tom Brady like negotiating a nuclear treaty with Iran? You know they are both going to cheat.” Also, “How many times are the middle class going to get screwed? The answer my friend is Joe Bi-den, the answer is Joe Bi-den.” And “You're on the golf course when you should be, all the time. And when you're not your with some Russian spy or a porn star. You're so vain I bet you think this post is about you.” I have a picture of an Iceberg and the caption read Global warming is an illusion, Larsen B just seceded from Antarctica.

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