When We Met Manuscript for Novel/Animation

Who is Dr. John? Dr. John was a psychiatrist, like many who kept on dealing with the same cases, never learning much until he followed his instinct to open up the portals to his fields of knowledge. He made it a priority to help out the general public by first helping businesses. Feeling that people generally became overwhelmed with boredom in their careers or even in good and enviable conditions; they just needed much more. Dr. John worked with technology and the AI of it. The first thing he wanted to establish was a connection between people and technology that will work as a companion to their intellect. He felt that senses needed to be evoked and remain as bouncy as they can get, seeing that the human mind could retain the ambition it was meant to have. One day, he looked at his office for the last time before filing the whole thing into his hi-tech cabinet to remain there until he completed his search while working on enough courage to knock on doors in order to sell his gizmos. Dr. John is a bachelor living alone with a housekeeper. At his age, sabbaticals were for losers however, it could reveal a year blooming with surprises except for the ability to speak French. Dr. John will think of something, rest assured. Who is Ted, the Chef? Ted the Chef is much opened and so talkative on just about any topic, turning a simple conversation into all its complexities. One of his dreams was to publish his recipe books after he landed a dream job at the television station. Ted was able to cook up magnificent dishes from the most common simple ones to the most elaborate, making sure to write them on his laptop. He would soon find out that he lacked self-management and needed to improve on his marketing, which was as essential as his continuous cooking. Ted considered himself a nervous wreck, a nervous-freak in the kitchen, tidy and overly absorbed as well as in a personal or intimate relationship. He is a hype of self-critique, believing that his many failed relationships had something to do with it, never ever imagining that another person would transform both their lives. THE PLEDGE John said to Ted: When we met, we were two people losing our direction only to please everyone around us. When we met for the very first time, we were different, but today, when we met again, we began living the difference. John and Ted reflecting on themselves: In their own character, they not only looked or seemed far apart while they were sharing one common ground that got them closer together started to reveal itself when they met; they both needed to talk about their existing emptiness. At that very first moment, both were self-absorbed, making nothing else matter. The second time around made them both wonder if this relationship would last? In this story, self-image, self-critique, self-management and marketing of the human mind come up as priorities that start when someone will get angry, the others will listen, says the doctor. Dr. John will teach the techniques to their mastery while getting angry along the way, if not more than others. Well, you need to read the story. I am an author and writer who tries to contour the mind of the unpredictable during innovation using technology at its best with timing filtering through circling around the unimaginable. I call myself, Anonyma, Lisa.

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