The Aspirant

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

It's such a rare dignity to share my short biography in the realm of global communication.

Greetings! I'm Suldbaatar, a recently graduated high school student, who strives to become a well-recognized author one day. 17 years old. The eldest child. Seeker of knowledge. Currently enrolled at Mongolian University of Finance and Economics. An economist as a profession for survival but a writer as an undying hobby. The weirdo who possesses a wide variety of interests on everything "creative".

Idealistic and eccentric as always, I love carving stories which emanate the amalgamated vibe of utopia and fantasy themes.


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The Bittersweet Yearning

Mar 01, 2020 6 months ago

My soul once taught me The platinum collection of memories is: Unifying, nostalgic, exuberant, radiant, and... ephemeral. I should've done better He should've done better She should've done better Everybody should've done better... I remember the spirited day: We were nibbling Russian crackers, mastering the omnipresent language. Summertime vibes Unexpecting laughs... We were still pure-hearted. You accepted me when nobody else did... Or at least, I thought You would love my quirks, Appreciate how queer I am We were so high... Oh, I don't know why we drifted apart Since the new downfalling summer I planned to spend much time with you Yet it never came into fruition Because of your selfishness... Or, should I say, fake appreciation... You inflicted more than enough damage to me... Yet I still love you with a broken heart. I remember the electrifying day: We were smiling at each other, liking each other with sincerity Autumntime whispers Infectious enthusiasm We were still childlike. You welcomed me when nobody else did Or at least, I perceived You would love my quirks Appreciate how extraordinary I am We were so naive. Oh, I don't know why we drifted apart Since the last stormy spring I was developing frank feelings for you Yet you crushed high hopes... Your presence became hated and... non-coalescent. Even in the glimmer of soul's eve, Yet, I still remember you, Harboring the silent pain I bore selflessly. At the moment of sincerest sincerity, Even the most unexpected broke What little left of the fragile heart. You taught the lesson, Fundamentally perfectly, Of people can go from people you know To people you don't Yet, I rose as the reformed messiah To myself and all whom I could teach. The yearning is bittersweet, Unforgettable, Tempestuous, and... earnestly hapless. In the dawn of found self-comfort, Not even a fiend of despair Can claim the brightest victory.

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"Aversion of Prophecy"

Jul 30, 2019 1 year ago

3rd of July 2019... a day of expected discreetness. Surprisingly, how could mortal mind of mine foresee the series of excitements unfold? The morning, dominated by the aquatic but somber facade of rain, spread its mild fragrance to snap my eyes open. I was awake, disappointed after the yesterday's under-performed play of orchestra, bearing the name of "birthday". Thanks to my ubiquitously high expectation, I reaped the harvest of disillusionment. Some of my friends, or should I call them "allies" instead, didn't even send a wish, cracking the unusually fragile heart. A family member also ruined my birthday thanks to his irresponsibility. A real optimist was transformed into a wailing pessimist, drowning himself in a lake of doubt. This time, I decided to hold no expectation just in order to guard my sensitive soul. Luckily enough, a birthday wishes, coming from some of my most cherished friends, made me feel better. On that gloomy morning, I woke up earlier than I used to, due to tightly planned trip coming into reality. I had no idea of the place I would be traveling to. Only glimmer of info provided the sight of me going to spa resort, located in a remote countryside. After months of hellish battle for survival to enter a good university, I was successful at accomplishing majority of both academic and personal goals. Alas, the victory came with a heavy cost: declination of health. Not only mental breakdown came to haunt me but also autoimmune skin disease, which persisted to plague me since I was 12, surfaced. My scalp and upper body's skin were covered by uneven scales, mutilating delicate features with a curse of illness. As such, healing myself in this summer became my unforgettable priority. A holy water, engorging deep from the divine earth, was the ideal candidate chosen. My parents surely surveyed me and my younger brother's luggage. With my little sister still sleeping, they had no obstructions to do so. My aunt, a mother of two, and her husband were coming to take us into our uncharted destination. The feeling of drowsiness quickly reigned over my windows to soul. As the attempt of shrugging off exhaustion, I surfed the realm of internet, instantly grabbing the interesting article about astrology. Deep inside, like a prophet, I envisioned this trip as deathly unexciting. To make matters worse, wraiths of recently surfaced pessimism colluded with my expectation, blurring the feeling of happiness. "They will be here shortly. You just have to stay there for a week and rest." my mother informed. The phone screen projected the even number, 10:00 AM. The mind, dominated by me, was immersed in distracting thoughts of anxiety. First of all, I wasn't fond of leaving the rest of my family in Ulaanbaatar, abbreviated as 'UB'. I was scared of what would happen to them while me and my brother were absent. Secondly, I wanted to edit my novel which hadn't been edited for three months due to pressure of high school related to being a senior. Lastly, I wanted to hang out more with my friends, willing to deepen our bonds with a heartfelt conversation. Fortunately, I already formulated a contingency plan: "A journal for automatic writing? A diary? A yearbook? A notebook for novel carving? Pens? All of them are in place. Earmuffs? Just bought it yesterday." with a carefree analysis, I revised all the equipment. Shortly after, guests arrived. A long, excruciating moments of transferring the luggage into the car proceeded. Just as I was carrying my backpack, a familiar figure, revealed to be my favorite cousin, was sitting nonchalantly on the front seat. I was electrified. My weeping boredom was now erased into oblivion. "At least I have a companion during my journey." I smirked. With our preparation for journey completed, we waved goodbye to my parents and little sister... I really didn't want to leave such a precious angel. I knew I would miss her terribly. Without losing a chance, I took her pictures. Then arduous journey to unpolluted lands began. During hours of excitingly refreshing car ride, thanks to combined efforts of dusty plain and high winds, I was coated by sand, triggering my latent concern for cleanliness.It took about six hours to reach Arkhangai's sum, Khairkhan. About 60 kilometers left to teach Muhar Khujirt. We were stopped at my aunt's fellow teacher's home. In there, a hearty meal was served, breezing a cozy air of sanctuary. To my surprise, I even saw a baby! What a pleasant surprise! My best friend also chatted me. With inspirited mind, I put high hopes on days that would follow. 4th of July-10th of July: Now, I feel more rejuvenated! In Muhar Khujirt, I made intriguing friends and got closer to my cousin. Having a bath in -50 Celsius of holy water was bone-chillingly challenging but worth trying. I wrote short stories. Everything fell in place. With a light heart, I departed back to home. Overall, I realized the best things happen when expectation is low. Being grateful is the key.

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