Johanna Marie Romero

A Passionate Learner and Writer with Big Dreams

Mandaue City, Philippines

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

I was a diffident, daunted, and reticent young Filipino girl in Philippines when I came across this statement of Emma Watson. In high school, I used to think that only people who are part of a select group can have their own voice, stage, and growth. It was then that I didn’t carry any sword nor spear to battle my demons because I was too reluctant and petrified to do so. Emma Watson’s statement took a while to sink in; I had to go through numerous tunnels for me to embrace the darkness and fears that dwell within me. I had to clamber up sky-scraping mountains for numerous years to find courage within me. I had to lose countless battles to gain victory. I had to wear innumerable wounds, scars, and bruises as a reminder of how brave I’ve been. I had to lose some people to meet the evergreen ones. One thing I never thought of losing was myself; it was the masked version of me that I lost and brought out the real me who had been trapped inside for a decade. I learned the hard way that if there’s a perfect time to unmask ourselves and find our own voice, strength, and courage — now is the perfect time.

-an 18 years old Filipino dreamer who’s set her heart on achieving her dreams through His strength.


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