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Feb 09, 2019 5 years ago

My name is Brody Hebert, after the famous wrestler Bruiser Brody. My life doesn't have many major parts that I care to mention, except one. The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts has had a major impact on my life ever since the beginning of first grade. I know its sounds cheesy and cringey, but I believe I am the person who I am because of these two programs. Cub Scouts was the beginning of something I wouldn't think would be significant. As a child I learned and kept some of the knowledge given from cub scouts. I learned to do my best at whatever I did. This transferred into the robotics program I joined as an elementary school student. My team would always have problems, but as long as we kept going and put our best foot forward, we accomplished what needed to be done. The majority of the changes to my life were in Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts is from the time you enter middle school till you turn 18. The adolescent teenage years are important for young people because this is when you start forming who you are as a person. I used Boy Scouts as a sort of guide since it taught valuable skills and valuable lessons about being a good human being. The biggest lessons I learned came from the leadership positions I had. I was the quartermaster for longer than a year. The quartermaster is the scout that is in charge of the materials needed for a campout, generally just the camping portion. I had to manage the cookware, tents, and tarps on campouts to make sure that every person had what they needed for the campout. This position taught me how important organization is, but not every type works for every person. I took this lesson to my daily life and created a system that works for me, even though it looks chaotic from the outside, it works for me. Another lesson that I am still learning is time management. As quartermaster, I needed to stay on top of my duties or the entire troop would stop functioning. The first night on campouts is heavily dependent on the quartermaster to make sure that scouts have rents and all the equipment for the campout. The other important part of my job is making sure the entire troop has enough hot water to clean dishes after meals, we call this KP or kitchen patrol. Many times I would forget to start heating the water earlier enough and I would hold back the troop. This was a hard lesson on time management because I held the entire troop from going to bed and people are very grumpy when tired. In conclusion, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts has had a major impact on my life and I am happy that I joined. I have no idea where I would be without scouts and I don't want to find out. Boy Scouts has thought me lessons that I will carry with me for my entire life.

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