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I'm Christine, 27 years old. I'm from the Philippines. I'm a Filipino obviously. Currently, I work as a private tutor. I teach English online to students with different nationalities. I long to earn money for writing, because it has always been my passion since I was young. That's why I'm here. My love of writing ever since I was a child is something that I enjoy doing. I can still remember that I won second place in an Editorial Writing Contest before. I was also rewarded for the essays and poems that I made. But, for me, being appreciated in my passion is something that I can already say that I am satisfied and fulfilled with what I am writing. I wasn't able to pursue this as a course back in college, for some financial reasons. I shifted to another course, and I don't regret a thing. It also helps me learn other skills and shaped me into the person I am now. But, when I come across this platform, I am honestly glad because this has always been my first love. I may be accepted here or not. The feeling of writing here again makes me happy already. But, I am still hopeful, though.


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Realizations as I exist

Nov 14, 2023 8 months ago

Chapter 03 (Appreciating blessings in our lives) Sometimes, we feel tired living our life. We start to complain about things, especially if life has not been so good for us. We always admit that we are fed up working eight or more hours a day. We are sick and tired of having to think about how we will be able to save our money until the next salary. We feel hopeless about the traffic we need to deal with every day. We are exhausted of the people in our lives who are there to collect our debts and loans. We are worn-out from not having to eat three times a day. We are annoyed by the monthly dues and bills. We are drained by almost everything. We feel like we are just living only to work and exist. We feel like nothing is going on right in our lives. We feel like the rich ones are always favored. We are all overtired of being poor. When we all know for ourselves that we always try our best in everything that we do. When we all know that we sacrificed a lot just to earn so that we can support the people we love. When we all know that we just want financial stability. When we all know that we can also attain the lives of others. But, sadly, it's still haunting us every day. The life that we say is very tiring. We want to escape for a while, but then we just learn and accept that we are already used to it. I know how hard it is, having to wake up every day and do the same routine as usual. I know how stressful it is, having to deal with the heat of the sun down to the rain that pours so hard out of nowhere. I know how uneasy it is to compete with others for a bus to ride when going home. I know how difficult it is when others agree with this. And, know that I understand every hardship. I've been there. That's why I also understand if some time in your life you want to rest, to scream, and to run away from responsibilities. But, you cannot, right? It is because we humans are bound to handle things, even if not for everyone, but as long as we have reasons why we do it every day, we can survive and make it through on a daily basis. Sometimes, we just left in awe of how we did it. We are surprised how we were able to last in our jobs, businesses, and other things that we do in our lives. It is simply because, even if life may be hard at times, we always find a reason to appreciate it because of the people whom we do everything for. We know that there are so many reasons to smile about, to be thankful and grateful for. We know that all our daily efforts always have something good in it. We all know that by having to experience all of those struggles, we can learn to value little things even more. We can learn that it is never easy to have something that we want. We need to make some sacrifices if we want to provide a better future for the people we love. At the end of the day, we are not only doing these things for others, but also for ourselves, and no matter how difficult it is, we will never do things that can harm us and others. That's why we choose to live a life that is full of pride and dignity. But, again, resting is okay. Sometimes, in life, we also need to take a break from everything. We are only humans, not super humans. How will we do everything all at once if our body fails? It's not guilt, if we also rest our bodies. We should also be more appreciative of every blessing that comes our way. As you see, not every person has jobs, they wished to have your work because they aren't accepted yet. Not every person has food to eat. They wished to eat at least once a day so that they could survive in the streets. Not every person has enough money to buy their wants. They wished to, but their money is already enough for their needs. Not every person has the capacity to earn more. They just wished to have skills and talents just like you. Not every rich person commits to their success right away. They also worked hard just like you to be able to have what they have now. Not every person has the means to go on travel during vacation. They just sometimes use their cash to save it for possible future emergencies. You see, we don't have the same life that we are living. Some have lots of responsibility on their shoulders, some have parents to support them, some have someone to share every joy and pain in life, but others don't have any. That's why we should learn to be grateful for everything, it may be small or big blessings, but it's every sweat and blood we work for in order to continuously remain alive. We are all trying to survive, and at least be thankful, because not everybody will be able to experience the life that you have.

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Chapter 01 (God's Love) Life is full of ups and downs. It's composed of highs and lows, they say, but one thing I learn as I exist in this life. Many will celebrate with you during your victory, but only a few rare people will be there for you during your downfall. And, it is always true that in times of hardships, it's your family whom you can rely on. I know this doesn't apply to everyone. Sad it may seem, but some other individuals have no one to lean on, no friends, not even their family. But, one thing is for sure, when everything breaks down, we already know that our God Almighty is always there willing to save the day. He is there to ease your pain, to comfort you amidst chaos, and to make you feel love when you feel that you are unlovable. He will give you peace, warmth, and assurance. He might not be there physically, but we feel him every time we come near to him, as we pray for calmness. He gives us hope of being hopeless. He gives us strength from being weak. He opens his doors to everyone who is willing to embrace him. He always cares, even if we seem not to care every time we feel that life is good. He is always there, even if we leave him countless times. He never fails to lessen all our pains, every time we seek for him. I can attest that life without him has no direction. And, life with him is something that brings me more courage to face life, especially in difficulties. We just need to call his name sincerely, and rest assured that he always listens to every heartbreak, every mistake, and every baggage we all have. Chapter 02 (A Generous and Loving Heart) Having a big heart that knows how to give and love isn't easy, especially when you share with others everything about you, but when you need someone during your hard times, no one is there to listen or even care for you. It's a feeling of loneliness and anxiety having to deal with the people whom you thought also loved you. You are always present at times when they need your help, but can't even ask if you are fine when you are going through something. Sometimes, you feel like the world is against you. For a while, you feel like you hate your life. You feel like you are only alone. You don't really have someone to talk about your problems with. You're afraid to open up because you know they won't listen. So, you are left with no choice but to act like everything is okay. But, little did they know that you were slowly breaking apart. You gave your smile to lighten up their day. You share your laughter with them to brighten that moment. You go the extra mile in providing for their needs to show them that you truly care. You stick with them through thick and thin to show that your love is genuine. But, they can't even give the same energy back to you. These are the people that are not for keeps, others will say. But, how will you stop caring and loving when these people are your family or even friends? You just simply cannot. What hurts the most is that you always choose them first, but they can't even think of you even for a second. You bless them with your blessings, but they always have second thoughts when it comes to you. They also make you feel worthless when you're at the bottom. But, when life treats you so well, they are always there waiting to be shared by your abundance. That's the reality of life, right? This might not relate to everyone, but there are really individuals who go the same journey. After all, it's not about the material things. If you are born having a generous heart, you know to yourself that you do it wholeheartedly. What you really need is compassion from the people you love. Hoping that they will also be there for you during the times that you need them. A simple how are you is good enough to keep going in life even though we are living this life painfully. A simple tap on the back is nice enough to assure us that everything will turn out fine. May we all not experience having to deal with this kind of feeling. May we not take advantage of the people whose only intention is to be there for us. May we live with kindness in our hearts.

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