Y. Hope Osborn

Expression that captivates, inspires, or informs

Little Rock , United States

Y. Hope Osborn builds on a lifelong writing talent, earning a Professional and Technical Writing BA summa cum laude and, in December 2020, earning an MA in the same with a Creative Nonfiction emphasis. Self-taught in photography, Hope seeks elusive great Captures, drawing out their eloquent features in processing to illustrate documents and websites and promote art in general. She has numerous writing and photography awards and publications, but for her, being a great artist is to express reality in ways that captivate, inspire, or inform in order to enrich her own and others' lives.


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‪2nd Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition – June 2020 (Photograp... https://youtu.be/GryInRNr91E via @YouTube #art #photo #exhibit see the depth and dance of my Color Choreography, placed 5th in Photography and Digital. “Ripples in Time” featured here is a finalist‬ Dont forget to check out my architectual body of work in my artist solo spotlight this month https://youtu.be/deQN0eU6qpI

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Color: The Visual Spectrum by Black Box Gallery is a visual prism of color. Check out Portland, Oregon's Black Box Gallery and my piece featured in their on site gallery, "By Gones Here By" in which the perfect moment for the perfect picture came along ringing its bell. Pulaski County Courthouse in Little Rock, AR and the city's trolley meet in a riot of color as you are taken back in time to an artistic era of architecture. This courthouse was built in the 1880s in Romanesque Revival where clock tower and turrets stretch toward the sky. This clock tower is a taste of her now ...

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Today the Ghost Heart Literary Journal was officially born under the editorialship of Melissa Jennings. This poetry of publicstion features among other poems the poem of my photographic art called “Stained Glass” which I am happy has a good home now. I love that photograph but you have to look into the heart of it to appreciate the wonder of its design set in brick. Just follow this link to a free issue of Ghost Heart Literary Journal including my “Stained Glass.” http://payhip.com/b/ngls

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Fairy Tableau

May 28, 2020 1 month ago

I visited Little Rock's Allsopp Park which needs some serious mapping and directions to the "easy" trails. But stress fracture and all I hiked up and down again another route looking for something worth the risk and was pumped to find this "Fairy Tableau" Enjoy the magic!

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