Maternity privilege

Today my daughter and I went to the clinic for a medical examination. As I was about to go up the stairs, something touched my leg. I saw that the lace of my sneakers had come undone. I have a child in my arms, I can get confused going up the stairs, why did I wear sneakers with laces, how to tie them, and 2-3 thoughts flashed through my head: is there a bench? Obbo! - I said out loud. A 45-year-old woman who came up the stairs heard and looked at my feet. - Come on, sister, I will tie it up. - Oh, I'll bother you, I'll do it. - No, weren't we mom? No problem! She could say I will hold your baby, so you can tie it up. No, she did not say that, the unfamiliar woman bent down at my feet and lovingly tied the laces of my sneakers. I was somehow very impressed. I was so excited that I could not say β€œthank you” as much as I wanted. Under the influence of this, I went to the doctor and went to the registry office for a ticket to an orthopedist, who was supposed to come in the afternoon. - Give me your passport. Again the same situation: the child was in my arms dressed heavily and warmly. So did I. The backpack were hang in the back to not get in the way. Passport was in the backpack. I was already trying to take my backpack off; another bride standing in line took my backpack in her in order to help hand and opened the zipper of my bag... -Mothers understand each other perfectly. I was told to go to ophthalmologist. When I arrived here, there were two guys standing and holding a coupon in their hand. They were arguing with each other. One were in line 21, the next one were in 20. The 21st person in line argues with the 20th person, blaming him for not being here right now. As soon as I came, the people who has just been fighting stopped it. After one person, they let me go in without any queue. I did not even say a word to them; I wanted to wait in line like others. Overall, motherhood has many benefits. No matter how difficult it is to be a mother, it is so pleasant, it is such happiness.

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