Nodirabegim Mirzayeva

Nothing is impossible!

Kashkadarya , Uzbekistan

I am Mirzaeva Nodirabegim. I live in Kashkadarya, Uzbekistan. I'm 21 and passionate about learning languages, diving into crime novels, crafting origami, and whipping up tasty dishes. Expressing my thoughts in the languages I'm learning is a joy. Lucky to have a caring family, and I'm also a teacher.


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Gratitude unveiled

Jan 22, 2024 5 months ago

A soul harbors desires throughout its mortal journey; I unearthed this delicate truth in the bloom of my twenties. Having encountered this subtle dance of yearning countless times, my journey commenced in the innocence of childhood, where fervor for maturity and dreams of burgeoning into adulthood ignited within me. Time flew and I was a teenager. Entering the university and becoming a student were my top priorities back in my school years. I desperately wanted to be a student of Uzswlu and prayed to Allah as well as cramming for my exams. I thought I would not desire anything and be the happiest person if I achieve my goal. Little did I realize, it was merely the inception—a mere droplet in the vast expanse of the ocean. After successfully passing the exam, a year or two went by before my next desire materialized. I found myself in love, but my parents insisted on me marrying someone else. Since then, I've believed that my ultimate happiness hinges on gaining my parents' approval for our relationship. I used to ask it to happen from God and was ready for anything. After careful consideration, my loved ones reached a consensus, leaving me elated. Following this, I began preparing for the IELTS, fervently praying to avoid embarrassment in front of my acquaintances. I believed achieving a band 8 in IELTS would mark the completion of my bucket list. I achieved 8.5 in two skills, surpassing my expectations. Later, I married my wonderful boyfriend, hoping he'd become an ideal spouse for my happiness. So caring and loving, he appeared as if he were an entirely different person than the one I dated. Daily, I discovered novel aspects of him, making me thankful to God. Temporarily halted were my wishes, but fortunately, within a month or two, I became pregnant. Envisioning myself as a mother, my sole desire was a healthy child, and I fervently prayed to God for it. I imagined that having this wish granted would provide me with all the essentials for a fulfilling life. Gratefully, I thank God a million times for blessing me with a wonderful baby boy. In those days, no one was happier than me, and I conveyed my infinite gratitude to Allah Almighty. As the days passed, I encountered various challenges in raising a child. At that point, my sole desire was having a room equipped with all modern conveniences to minimize difficulties. I thought I would have everything and my desires come to an end if I have the room. Upon encountering an intriguing post emphasizing the significance of gratitude, with the statement "Gratitude sweetens even the smallest moments," I came to the realization that genuine gratitude had eluded me throughout my existence. This proved to be a valuable lesson, prompting me to reflect on my past and recognize the multitude of accomplishments I attained by the age of 21: university graduation, an impressive 8.5 IELTS score, a respected teaching career, and, most importantly, a loving family. Subsequently, I acquired the ability to perceive miracles in the ordinary—appreciating life and health, the simple act of breathing, the presence of loved ones, and the availability of nourishment. This transformative shift brought about true happiness deep within my heart.

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