Daffy De Leon

Licensed Professional Teacher (SpEd)

Rizal, Philippines

Has a passion handling children especially exceptional ones.

My hobbies are reading novels, baking, painting and I love listening to music. :)


Life Now

Jul 21, 2022 1 year ago

As I'm lying in bed tonight to sleep, my thoughts keep walking somewhere.. A place that I really wanted to go back to, if given a chance. I really miss that place., where life is so much fun and easy. Where my biggest problem I'm encountering was waking up 6 in the morning to go to school even if I am still sleepy and tugging my blanket because it's feels so cold in the morning and all I wanted to do is sleeping. Where my biggest worry was to be caught by my mother while sneaking in the afternoon to play outside with my neighbors. And my hardest cry was when my mother brought me to parlor to cut my hair in the most shortest length when all I wanted is to always put my headband on my long hair. Yes, it's where I wanted to go back to., my childhood days where life is so much easy and enjoyable. As we grew older, we experience life we never thought that it'll be. We enter adulthood like walking in a thread while everyone is watching you. We sleep at night exhausted by the day that we spent then wake up in the morning to replay it again then lie again in your bed at night just to repeat your everyday routine. Then one day, you wake up that another year has passed and you didn't even noticed because you are so busy doing your everyday errands. And this is life. We are all struggling everyday just to be strong tomorrow. Some are successful with their job but still feels empty inside. Some has a complete and fulfilled family now but still needing someone. While some are waking up everyday just to find another reliable and decent job because the salary is not enough to pay household bills. And some people, don't even have a sleep because of working just to have a food on their table. And these are the everyday struggles of our life being an adult. And there is also a person who doesn't even know what is going on with his life but still facing it everyday, because life is given to live. Adulthood is the most crucial time in our lives.. it will bring the best and worst of you. You're facing life like you never dreamt of but your faith and decisions brought you wherever you are standing right now. So here I am telling you, that you are not alone. All of us are walking in a same path with you but carrying our own invisible wall. Just be patient with yourself, and always remember that no one is ever made without struggles. It's just up to us how we carry it. 'Could be lighter or heavier. But the most important is how we live every moment of it. And for the children now or young adults, embrace every little thing you have now. Enjoy every second you are facing now. Because one day when you look back at your memories, you'll wish to visit it again but you won't have another chance. And that's how clock was made to be move forward, because life will never set you backwards. #writing contest #adulthood #changes #life struggle #memories #childhood

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My 'Special Love'

Jul 06, 2022 1 year ago

(2019) After my lunch break at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, I entered my class in preschool and as ever, my pupils are shouting, playing and busy with their own errands. Then the moment they saw me, everyone's become quite and run into their own chair. As I walk to my table in front, my one student quickly sat in his place on the first corner of vertically arranged table. Alhec. After that, I heard the usual complaints starting from the talkative one his name is Paolo, "Teacher, Alhec get my blue crayon!" then followed by my another student, "Teacher, Alhec ruined the weather design in the classroom!" and followed by another after another with different complaints regarding him. And I'm so used to it, that's our usual routine every afternoon. I look at Alhec, and he's looking at me directly with his very lively eyes. He smiles at me then say, "Hello Teacher Belle!", like nothing happened. I look at his classmates then smile and say, "See? Does he pay attentions to you all?" all of them laugh then remembered what I always say to them. Then we proceed to our class and finished it with the art activity and that is to paint the way to their house with different views they see while going home. I've taken picture with each of them holding their own work. I came to AlHec then took a picture with him as he hugging me from my side with his work. He is so sweet as always. Very genuine that you will feel he's very comfortable with you. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the age of three. Before entering our school, I had an assessment with AlHec while talking with his mother. When she learned that I am an Special Educator, she told me a lot about him like his hobbies, favourite toys, hyperactivity, different therapies that he's attending and experienced about his first schooling. He is a pretty boy when I first saw him and quite that you wouldn't noticed anything unique with his behaviour. As we started that school year I remembered, the other parents look at him as they noticed his different behaviour among the class in the recess time. He is not sitting that long, he's always going to his other classmates and look at their snacks, he's eating in a messy way then always tap the table. And I really had a bag full of patience just for him then. He really did test my patience that no one else has.Ha ha.(I treasured it). But as time passes by, as I learned how to tame him, how to handle his tantrums sometimes, how to get his attention while teaching them since his attention span is very limited unlike his other classmates and manage his disruptive behaviour inside the classroom, I'd also become more attached with him. Even his classmates learned how to interact with him easier, and love him as their baby brother. As what I always told them every time he bothers them or messed up with their things, I always say that he didn't do that intentionally and just be patient and understanding with him. The first time I talked with them about their classmate AlHec, I ask them what they noticed and if they wanted to be friends with him. After that, I started to tell them in a way that they can understand as an innocent and fully aware that their classmate AlHec is not like them that teacher can easily tamed, but he is a special like a younger brother and they should protect him. And that's what I love with my students then, they are very cooperative and trying their hard to understand what I wanted them to do. I love those children in a way that they are more capable to perceived what you say to them and so easy to talk to than those adults who always look at the wrong of others. They finished their kindergarten year 2020 but sadly just in virtual stage since it was pandemic, but I'm sure that they will never forget all the happy moments they shared with each others and all the things 'Teacher' taught them. Every child is unique, they have their different skills, talent, flaws and behaviour especially exceptional child or AKA special child. And we as an educator should be the first one who should encourage and teach young children to accept and understand the differences of every person. We may see someone different, but in the eyes of God we are equally created. 😊 ~AlHec now is more matured, and has a very good improvement with his behaviour. But his family moved back to his father's province and he continue his schooling there just last year 2021. #writing contest #ADHD #children #exceptional #understanding #Differences #Teachers love

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