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Nabila Abbas is a young social activist and a change maker. She broke stereotypes and attained a higher education degree in Aviation management. She is the first Pakistani girl representative at the International Congress of Youth Voices USA in 2019 among 130 Delegates, where for the very first time she raised the issues of under privileged girls/women living in small rural areas. She started her community services in 2016 and spoke at various national and international level. Her stand for rural developments took her to 75th UN assembly July edition where she spoke on behalf of 30% rural women. She attained the Diana Award 2020 for her social and humanitarian work. She is working with at least 10 national/International organizations. Independently, she also raises small funds/grants for education, health systems and rural development. She believes in women rights and want to see the other 30% Rural women side by side working towards the social, economical and political development. She has been awarded with various International/national awards.


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She can't even wear a lipstick

Feb 10, 2022 4 months ago

This story is of a girl who is tirelessly so sick of the conservative norms and stereotypes around of her. She was born free as taller as she grew up she had to face hurdles which had not only suppressed her voice rather killed her mental health too. She belongs to an area where even in this 2022, her struggle to sustain her existence is no more than battling with the odds like an unwelcomed winds/storms. Being girl is tough. Being girl is unwelcomed here. Being girl - means too many boundaries to cross if you want to touch the sky. She wants the world to hear her voice as she is relating the situation where even wearing a lipstick is taken disrespectful and odd and she needs approval every time to ensure if could enjoy a little moment?! or be a little of herself? She is screaming every day inside to learn more about the culture where she can't express herself, can't stand for her rights and can't dream big. She is falling in a situation where though being so capable she is falling in self doubts instead. This drastic moments in her life are revealing much about the worst environment too where one (girls) could not survive enough if thinks of a different dilemma. In her eyes she encompasses big dreams. She wants to breathe and to live her dreams but all she can't even wear a lipstick. she could feel her body is enchained with all that norms and stereotypes. Though ,she desires to touch the sky but all she can't even wear a lipstick. she is not encouraged to feel free ,all she can see the darkness and the brutality. she knows she is so beautiful and talented but all ' she can't even wear a lipstick. she is not allowed to smile or laugh loudly as her voice is so suppressed that she nearly feel died. she wants to tell the world how capable she is but all' she can't even wear a lipstick. she is bold and too brave though she dares to do. she is fighting, everyday a battle with no ends. she wants to enjoy what she feels good but all' she can't even wear a lipstick. she is so intelligent when she speaks. she is having ideas to conquer the toughs but all'. she can't even wear a lipstick. she lives where she is bullied. she is told to stay in limits. she has to feel over burdened with that crown which she has not chosen to wear, all' she is told you're the girl who has to only think of YOU being the 'GHAIRATT" (PRUDENT) of the house. she can't do this or that because the girl has to stay cautious. she has only to think of limitations. she wonders why her abilities to be judged but all' she can't even wear a lipstick. she wants to break all ,that hurdles her way to success. she has chosen her words to stay empowered. she lets the world knows how still we have such norms to kill and witnessing a death before the death!!! she screams inside and she struggles inside, keeping her soul alive again and again but all' she can't even wear a lipstick!

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