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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Pandemic could change our life

May 05, 2023 1 year ago

The long-awaited moments were coming, and I believed that everything would change in 2020. I planned to study at the university and then work as a flight attendant at Uzbek Airways, I spent 4 years preparing for this long overdue event. I needed financial help to apply and get into university, so I got a job. The day I started working, Covid 19 was started spreading around the world, which caused a lot of difficulties around the world. I had to quit my job, hence financial issues were in our family. During the pandemic, we all stayed at home, no one worked. Because it was unsafe to go out in those days, everyone wore medical masks and we didn't talk closely with acquaintances. Since I was at home during the pandemic, I spent most of my time preparing for my exams. In the morning and in the evening, I would only do tests and watch online lessons on YouTube. Even though I couldn't work, I didn't lose hope and started learning "graphic design" online. I would have wasted a lot of time if I had to drop everything because of illness. I didn't give up)) It was not possible to apply to a foreign university at that time, so I applied to the Tashkent State University of Information Technology and was accepted. During the pandemic, it was also difficult for public to follow strict hygiene rules and be under strict surveillance. My studies started in September 2020, and the number of people affected by the corona virus disease was increasing, so the studies started in an online format. After some time, I started working for companies as a graphic designer at home in remote. And I paid my study contract and helped my family. For many people, the pandemic may have stuck in their minds only as bad images. But I managed to achieve a lot, I spent a lot of time with my family members, I have prepared well for exams, and I learned the profession for my future. My grandmother died due to the Coronavirus. In 2021, I could not achieve the profession that I wanted to achieve since I was young (I could not even become a flight attendant), my brother lived in Litva, at that time, due to the pandemic, he was not able to find a plane ticket and go to his own country, everyone in our family got sick with this disease and it was very hard. Despite all the mentioned problems, we learned better hygiene rules, learned to spend more time with family members (it's hard to believe, but I hadn't spend much time with my parents before the pandemic). We don't notice small happy events before. Covid 19 has taught us to improve our relationships, the importance of focusing on our health and to appreciate our loved ones while they are still alive. My relationship with my grandmother was not good, every time when she called I would not answer or say "I'm busy, I'll call you later". Unfortunately, after her death, I regretted my words, now I try to spend time with all my close people.

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