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Do you remember.

Jul 26, 2019 4 years ago

DO YOU REMEMBER\nDo you Remember when it was all so wonderful?\nYes, do you remember how the golden sunny rays seemed to energize our souls from within?.\nDo you remember how the moon seemed to follow our car?\nHow we watched raindrops roll down our windowpane while we imagined the raindrops were in a race?.\nHow the muddy earth seemed to fill us with joy as we stuck our fingers into it?.\nHow we covered our faces with the sheets because we were scared of the boogy-man?.\nProbably you don't or perhaps you do.\n Its funny but I remember. I remember it all. I remember those days when it was all sunshine and rainbows. I also remember those days when it was rainfall and storms..\nI am filled with nostalgia and I can still recall how It was so easy to cry whenever I felt sad and laugh when I felt happy. No \\"in between the moment\\" moods, no worries, no migraines and no insomnia. No \\"too-lazy-to-get-out-of-bed\\" days and definitely no need for coffee.\nNo heartbreaks, all our friends were A-ok; at least they made considerable effort not to ruin our days.\n Those days when it didn't matter if you had all the fancy clothes, just one smile from Momma and all the pains would go away.\n Sometimes, I wonder where exactly it all changed. I look back frequently and I wonder where exactly the transition happened.\n One moment, it was all strawberries and cupcakes and suddenly, it all changed.\nThe morning sunshine wasn't exciting anymore, the dirt on the earth didn't seem so \\"appealing\\" anymore, our friends changed and Momma's smile wasn't strong enough to make all the pains go away anymore.\n Well, if you still don't remember, I do. And though neither of us can't go back in time to change anything, I just want you to remember, because I remember.\nYes, I remember how awesome childhood was.

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