"Age difference?"

- Anastasiia! Pick up the phone, it's ringing! "Kate, can not you?" You're closer to the phone sitting. - Damn, do not you see - I'm busy ?! My sister is 7 years older than me. You would say that the difference surely isn't small, but it’s ok,tolerant. I would say - sensible. We always got along bad with my sister. I don’t know whether this difference was caused by age or something else. But the fact was fact. And such conversations, turning into quarrels, were typical for us. And it was very strange, because everyone said that we are very similar. Kate has light-blue eyes, long daddy's eyelashes, her mother's nose with a light, but such "necessary" crook in the nose. Many people emphasize this. It's Mom's nose. And Daddy's chin. This is especially noticeable when she smiles to the ears - it becomes elongated and slightly sharp. Just like Dad’s. Just like mine. We even had the same voice. Relatives often confused us on the phone, calling her Anastasiia, and me - Kate. Hair is the only thing that outwardly distinguishes us from each other. She is a brown-haired woman, and I am light-brown. But somehow sisters constantly swore. Kate didn’t like to share anything with me, she was angry that I was still very young and didn’t get anything. She blamed this difference in age. We almost didn’tr talk with each other, because usually it all comes down to mother's tears. But I loved just watching her. I always wanted to be like her. While she was at school, she knew exactly what she wanted from life. Kate was crazy about America. She dreamed to go there, walk through the streets of New York, try that real hot dog just like in American films. When her friends came to her and they talked about this in our room, Kate, of course, closed the door and didn’t let me in. But I always tried to go into: you know, as if by accident, suddenly I needed scissors or my reading book. When I went into the room, I saw her eyes burning. I saw their brilliance, her slightly elongated, sharp chin from the smile, and realized - she would surely achieve her dream. And she did it. Now she lives in America for the fourth year, and our relationship with her has remained at the stage of "too big age difference". Even when we were on Skype, our communication was simply "no" after "How are you?". She didn’t know what to talk to me about. I could see the fear in her eyes. The fear of being «too far from my soul». And this fear was expressed again by mother's tears. But last summer everything has changed. Now I'm 18, she's 25 years old. Last summer I flew to America. Now I could tell you about how I discovered this amazing country. But this trip has given me much more. I "opened" my sister for myself. I remember how she met me in the airport. She wrapped her arms around me, almost as if she were afraid. But then I felt the touch of her pointed chin - she was hugging me, smiling behind me. I remember how she enthusiastically showed me the neighborhood of the Ocean City, MD (the town where we lived), sitting in the front seat in the car. I saw how worried she was: I remember how long Kate was looking for songs for the car trip. Her excitement was louder than silence, and she gave me her phone (!) For the first time so that I could choose music. Then I felt that she wanted trust me. A month later, she was already dancing in the car under my music, moving her hands, like "flashlights". It turned out that we have the same musical taste. I had never heard what songs my sister listened to before. I noticed that we even had the same gait. Kate walked quickly, swiftly, but at the same time very feminine. I learned that she was a terrible shopaholic. Kate knew about all the discounts and sales of the most popular stores, and seemed to buy up all the shoes. She adores putting on a red dress and black shoes on a high-thick heel. I saw how gorgeous she was in this. Literally for some 3 months we have grown closer than in all 18 years. I knew about all her habits: I knew that she was hiding me at night, when I threw off my blanket, I knew what kind of coffee she liked most –« Hazelnut with French Vanilla from» "WAWA", knew that when she was unhappy, I knew that she liked to sleep on her back, her arms folded on her chest like "tutankhamun." We stopped noticing this age difference. It simply did not become. I became her "sweetie". I remember how we said goodbye at the airport (I had to fly back because of my studies). Then I saw her "sister's tears" for the first time. She said: "Anastasiia, you know that we almost didn’t talk in childhood. I wanted to fix it, I wanted us become real sisters. I wanted stop our mother’s tears , because of our quarrels. Please come back soon! I will very miss you! You're my little sister! I love you so much!" These words cost 18 years of waiting. These words cost 7 years of difference. Because they are from my beloved sister.

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