2-Someplace That Will Be Familiar

They share something that fateful day. They were both away from home. They were dragged by fate in an unfamiliar town. There has always been this strong presence of the sea in the air that would never escape the senses. Whether the salty breeze or the fishy stench, this small town would surely leave an impression. And how about the sands that could easily sneak into your footwear from time to time. But none any of these circumstances could stop the vigor of youthful spirit. She came with her peers for a fair that lasted for a week. It was a break she could use from the rigorous routine she made for herself. It's not too bad to have fun sometimes. Although she is still unsure whether she had a stunted childhood, she is pretty sure that she had fun that day playing around. She was with her small group of friends who were as competitive as her. She could not say the same for him. The place is quite proximate to his hometown. He might have already explored the place. Anyway, he will live to fully immerse in that community later on. Perhaps like her, he was having fun on his own. A responsible middle child, while not exempted from chores, he might have his way around to make the most of his teenage days. His creativity is no accident. It might have come from a bright childhood although she wouldn't really know. Perhaps his creative juice has sharply manifested in his humor. He would always make her laugh when they were not yet not awkward to each other. For her, that is his most admirable characteristic that would animate their correspondence years later. Let this be an ode to a beautiful friendship that made the teenage life of two wanderng souls more inspiring and exciting.

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