I am a full-time idealist

Calamba City, Philippines

The world can be cruel but the universe makes amends.

I believe in the power of education to enlighten minds on universal ideals like freedom, responsibility, and justice.

To those who have been enlightened, it is upon your shoulders to shine light on those left in the dark.

It is for this reason that I have devoted myself to further studies. I intend to make the most of my capabilities to make the world a better place. And I leave redemption to the universe.

To God be the glory :-)

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When I don't have to...

Nov 25, 2019 4 years ago

When I don't have to see you but I know I still love you; When I don't say I love you but I know you can tell anyway; When I don't have to tell you but I know you can read me. Love knows ...

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I thought so

Oct 13, 2019 4 years ago

Maybe it's the conversations; Or perhaps his beautiful mind; Thought I could outsmart him; But each time I do, I get a lecture; Always try to catch up, real hard; But, guess I should know my place; Right under his wings.

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Empty tables and chairs at the far end of an open air structure, near the main hall of a resort, tell a story of how a setting punctuated by hard wood furniture and clay figurines in Earth palette is brought to life by colorful tales of parents sharing chuckles as they make the most of their privilege of parental oversight. On the other end of this area, called The Clay Storytellers, is a collection of toy figures meticulously organized in wooden boxes physically protected from playful hands but not visually restricted from curious eyes grazing over tiny cars and dinosaurs sealed by a top glass which has now accumulated some good old dust, enchant visiting children. This place, as its name announces, is a repository of memorable family moments, molded like clay, into a story.

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While I am an outsider in this game, I believe I am a stakeholder in the past, present and future of America. I belong to a third world country where U.S.A. made an indelible mark way back a century ago. It is for this reason that I am concerned over what is happening in the land of Uncle Sam. I was first introduced to America through history books but I got to know more about it through the lens of its criminal justice system. This goes back to the sentiment of Benjamin Franklin that, "it is better a hundred guilty persons should escape than one innocent person should suffer." Soon enough, I got to know more about its forefathers who built the core of this nation differentiated from the rest of the world, underscoring rights and freedom. My admiration in America is never defined by its economic prowess. Instead, it is anchored on what has been etched on the Declaration of Independence that, "all men are created equal...endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It is by this Creed that the nation was able to make a difference all throughout the world. Once in a while, American ideals have been tested. Who could forget the 911 Attack that brought the global superpower on its knees. The right to liberty gave way to the right to life with the advent of Homeland Security Act in efforts to secure the territory from acts of terrorism. America then managed to rise from the ashes as one strong nation. It is unfortunate that divisive rhetoric has been plaguing America for years. Freedom is threatened by the terror brought about by mass shooters motivated by hatred preying on crowded places where there can be multitude of innocent victims. Mass shootings not only occurred in schools but also in theater, church, concert venue, and mall with victimizing both young and old. Apparently, the table has been turned that the right to one's life has taken the back seat over the right to bear high-powered arms. I am not convinced by the narrative that mass shootings cannot be prevented by banning firearms for a determined shooter will find a way to get his hands on guns. It would have been better to argue that one cannot fight fire with fire without burning the entire place down. A forward-thinking nation is way better than that. As the Congress continuously refuses to address the matter with concrete legislation, it is good to know that the American youth has embodied a promising zeal to go against the status quo. Let the nation be reminded that the unalienable right to life comes first before one's right to liberty in procuring guns. A restriction on gun ownership is not necessarily an infringement on the Second Amendment. It is incumbent upon the State to lay down regulatory measures in the exercise of rights to preserve peace and order. No right, even if one enshrined in the Constitution, is absolute as one's freedom ends where another's freedom begins. If owning guns is the norm in America, then so be it. There is no question about owning a gun for hunting, recreation and self-defense purposes but the dilemma comes into play with the Introduction of assault weapons up for grabs in the market. No one needs semi-automatic, let alone an automatic rifle, unless he is going to war. Guess what, the current war in America is one that breeds on hatred and violence. It would be futile to weaponize a nation vulnerable to act on their emotions. The only way to suppress hate and violence is to spread love and peace. But how can the people advocate for these virtues when the danger to get shot down is still lurking around? Amid all this, I am still hopeful that America will soon redeem itself by going back to its roots. This leads me back to the Thomasites, the American teachers, whom Jonathan Zimmerman referred to as "a peaceful army of gentle pedagogues, whose only ammunition would be schoolbooks, pencils, paper, and chalk." America has long pride itself in ideas and ideals, which is why I know that this nation would find a solution to end the repetitive tragedies on gun violence with a united spirit. P.S. Let this be my tribute article in remembering the Patriots during the 911.

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I am Her

Aug 24, 2019 4 years ago

When you have already had a flashback of what happened with half of your life, after how things turned upside down all of a sudden, you would know you were reborn. Life may give you surprises, for better or for worse, but you will have to hold on. There is nothing permanent in this world but change. The wheel is and has been turning to keep you mobile. Trust me, there is no chance that you will get stuck unless you want to be intimate with gravity.(hahaha) Relationships may come and go. But, you will be left with memories to ignite that fire inside you. Never close your doors and take chances. You are worth it! It is one thing to pay respect to the past and it is another thing to let history hold you down. You have to embark on another journey armed with a newfound hope. There is an inevitable future waiting for you. Don't be afraid to open your heart.

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