1-That First Impression

She delivered several pieces before a crowd. It should have been a piece of cake. Still, she's afraid that it will all blow up to her face. So she found her feet dancing with the butterflies in her tummy. "In a minute or two, it will be over," that's what she would tell herself. She is wearing her favorite shoes despite the extra half inch which did not bother her anyway. Yes, one can fairly say she's unstoppable. When her number was finally called, she marched in front to give it her shot. And she delivered it just fine taking one huge sigh of relief after she uttered that one last line, "thank you!" In the sea of people, she would have never guessed that one astonished soul. He was right there with that scrutinzing gaze from head to toe. Little did he know that it would not be their last encounter. Meanwhile, she had no idea. She retreated back to her comfort zone...the beautiful familiarity of solitude. She was young but not like her peers, she was all too consumed by the promise of the future for a diligent girl. She never believed in luck. Growing up, she was always reminded that she will have to earn every good episode in her life. Nothing would ever come easy. She never believed in happiness, either. She would rather have peace. She understands how extreme emotions play out. It never ends well to a point when she would doubt whether it was worth the roller coaster ride. She would always be reminded that some things are temporal. Beautiful experience has always been elusive. But then later in life she would be grateful about the temporal nature of things. You'll see.

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