The Journey of a lonely soul

The journey of a lonely soul Chapter 1 In a world of colors, this little girl's perspective never once saw colors. Not even a rainbow, or a red rose. Shunned by the world because of her inability to see colors but is also seen as an exception by many. She still walks the earth contemplating why she was so different from the rest of the world. What was her purpose? Why did she exist If she was never meant to fit in? No one could answer her question. Then begins her long journey to find the truth of her existence holding a book written in a strange language no one knew. The book was locked but it was always with her since she opened her eyes, like a companion who wanted to guide her through her life. The first place she visited was a powerful kingdom. The ruling family of that nation was gigantic and they made castles out of shaping the mountains. But they never lived in them, those castles were meant to display their strength and might. They had all the wealth and the strongest military, yet they were ungrateful to their creator who provided for them. Moreover, treating those below them as less than human, even showing any mercy was out of the question. The little girl who could only watch felt pity for them, but she was too helpless. So she persisted in making them change their ways but to no avail. Instead, she was repulsed and ignored. Then, she made a sincere wish to ease the suffering of the poor and punish the rulers for their selfish attitude. But unbeknownst to her, the wish came true… One day, the land started to dry up. A drought had overtaken the nation and suddenly the people living in the mountains felt the bad omen coming for them. Food scarcity and water fell short. Their livestock started to die. They could only watch losing everything to mother nature. It continued for days, weeks, and months. But hope returns, as a dark rain cloud comes to save the day. They bloomed in happiness screaming “Finally a rainy day!!”. But fate had something else in store. The wind started howling and the cloud got bigger and darker, the sun was gone. Eventually, it turned into a tornado and killed the entire family of giants. Everything they sculptured, was all destroyed and nothing of their existence remained. They were erased from the memory of the people they ruled over, not a single soul remembered them except the little girl who watched everything unfold from the top of a mountain. “With great power, comes great responsibility” Chapter 2 As the sun rose over the horizon, the little girl entered a barren land with no sign of life. It looked abandoned by nature, just like her. The first thing she observed were the houses made of hays, the lake dried up , the fruitless trees with no leaves and the sands surrounding her as far as she can see. And yet it was obvious, a community lived here at some point. She kept thinking, where are they now? Did they leave the land for a better life elsewhere or did they perish? As she was lost in thought, a sandstorm was approaching the village. Her eyes widened in shock, as this was her first time seeing a sandstorm. But she made a quick run and hid inside one of the houses. Inside the house, It was dark and she could not see anything. Some time passed and the storm was gone. It was a clear sky and a sunny day. The light penetrated into the house from the spaces in the hays. What she saw next scared all the daylight out of her. A woman holding a baby layed there dead. She looked at the baby , it was breathing! It seems the mother died giving every last bit of her strength to save the child in her arms whilst sacrificing her life. The girl seeing this act of affection decided she would fulfill the wish of the mother. The little girl slowly took the baby from the arms of the woman and caressed her. The baby woke up , looking at the girl with its clear pupils. But then it started crying, the little girl was unsure of how to calm the child. She showed the baby various objects she collected in her journey but the baby kept crying. Then she looked for food around the house, but there was nothing. So she went around all the houses and found some bits and crumbs here and there, fed it to the child and it calmed down a little at last. The next day, early in the morning, she left the desert land and continued her journey with the baby. Her mission this time was to find food and shelter for this child. She walked the desert, crossed a sea and reached a bustling city where she left the child in the care of a family who didn't have a child. And they happily took the baby and the little girl bid farewell to the child, caressing him for the last time. “A mother's love knows no bounds”

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