Story of 60 Seconds

Gopi is already in a hurry , he was suppose to go to his friend's birthday party which is at 7.30 pm. Gopi looks over his clock in his house, it is already 7.30 pm. So he knew that he is going to be late to the party. In a hurry, he takes his belongings, opens the door in a hurry, steps on the welcome mat, clossed the door hardly. The face doll which is fixed above the door falls on his head. That hit him really hard, gopi is half down, he can't see clearly , a black shadow fades his eyes and becomes completely dark. Gopi opens his eyes. He realize that he was suppose to be in his friends birthday party. It was heavily raining out there. He runs towards his car, when he reached his car, he realized that he forgot his car key in his house. He runs back to his house, takes the key and randomly looked into the clock, it was 7.30 pm. He drives the car little faster than usual. On the way, he suddenly see a baby in a wheelchair and left alone below a tree. He steps out of his car and went closer to the baby. He looks over for the parents but there is no one there. He notice a paper with the baby. And something was return in the paper. But it was in different language so he can't read it. As he was already late, he couldn't think much. so he decided to keep the baby in his house and then get back to his friends birthday party. Returns to his house, keeps the baby inside, and kept the letter on the table. while he returns back, he randomly checks the clock in his house. It was still 7.30 pm. This time he is little bit confused. He taught may be the clock was stopped working. So he again took his car , heading towards his friends house. suddenly he see a women in the rain standing under the same tree. He stops the car, asked that she needs any help. She said that her baby was missing. It was a big relief for Gopi and he said that the baby is safe in his house. So again he returned to his house along with that lady. They both went inside, but unfortunately it was not her baby. The lady for disappointed, So he adviced to go to a police station and file a complaint. so both ready to leave the house. Guess what, agian he randomly watched the clock before he left ,it was still 7.30 pm. This time he was little curious. He rememberd that there was a letter with the baby , he taught that if the lady could read the letter. So he gave the letter to the lady and said to read it. As she knows the language ,she could able to read it. She reads it loud "HAVE A PLEASANT JOURNEY TILL YOU REACH YOUR FRIENDS HOUSE". After hearing this, he was really frightened. so Gopi droped her in the police station and heading back to his friends house. He was still frightened and curious about the letter and the time. Suddenly he took his mobile to see the time. But even the Mobile shows 7.30 pm. There was a phone call from the unknown number. A police officer was speaking and he said that the missing baby of a lady has found in your house. And he asked to return to his house. Gopi was totally confused because that lady has seen the baby and she said that it was not her baby. so gopi doesn't understand what is going on. so he returned to his house . Gopi was shocked after seeing the baby because that was not the baby he took and now the baby here is a different one. And that baby belongs to the lady. And gopi and tge lady explains the story to the police officer. He thought that they were crazy and and he didn't believe them. So the police officers are ready to leave the house. Gopi didn't understand what is happening and even now the clock in his house shows 7.30 pm. Gopi noticed that the police officer has a watch. So he asked the police for time. The police said, Due to the rain outside my watch was stoped working around 7.30 pm itself. After all this happend, again Gopi took his car and headed towards his friends house. He reached his friends house. Now he is being very calm , went near the door, steps on to the welcome mat, opens the door, walked inside and he closes the door softly. It was completely dark inside the house. He could see a point of flash in the dark. He walks towards the flash surrounded by complete darkness.That flash was uncomfortable. He felt little bit dizzy. He is half down, a black shadow fades his eyes and becomes completely dark. Gopi opens his eyes. He realized that he is standing outside of his own house. He doesn't remember anything. A clear sky out there. Notice the broken pieces of the face doll. His phone ringed. It was his wife. He attend the call, his wife said that she has got the legal approval letter to grow the baby which they both found a month ago near the woods. Gopi felt really happy, now he remembers that he was supposed to go to his friends birthday party. He walked towards his car and suddenly he realize that he forgot the car key. So he goes inside, takes the car key and AGAIN randonly looked into the clock, IT WAS 7.31 PM.

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