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Bonney Lake , USA

Hello all readers!

I'm Vaun Fiedler and I'm an amateur photographer and writer. I have a Canon EOS Rebel t3i which I sometimes use, but more often than not people will see me with my cellphone, a crystal ball and other accessories.

I'm always ready to offer to take a photo or two for others so they can have everyone in at least one or two photos.

I've encountered law enforcement from time to time because of my enthusiasm for photography leading me to lie down alongside the road for a unique photo! On one occasion a passing motorist had called 911 thinking I was a hit and run victim. The sheriff's department and fire department both responded on that occasion.

I've been mistaken for a child stalker when I accidentally photographed the same mother and child two days in a row! Local police responded for that. I simply deleted the photos of them. The officer said he recognized me from observing me previously and knew my habits of taking photos of flowers and reflections.

I'm currently active on Instagram with links to Facebook and Twitter. I also am writing a book on the Wattpad app.

I'm a son, brother, cousin, uncle, husband, father and grandfather.


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Worn Out Again!

Jul 03, 2020 2 days ago

Too much to do today! Mowed and weedeated the bank between two of my neighbors. Trimmed the tree above my garbage and recycle pick up location. Supposed to have 15 feet vertical clearance. Mowed my other neighbor's yard. Stripped varnish from chairs. . Comforted my 1 year old granddaughter. And shared some of my popcorn with her.

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Jul 01, 2020 4 days ago

My grandson Tyler has an attitude that shows up every time he's asked to do something that will take much time. We have been helping him with a project he brought on himself through his actions. My wife gave him a 15 minute break. He managed to turn that into a half hour break. I reminded him he had work to do, and he said that he hated it! I reminded him that he was the one that made the current project necessary, and that his Nana and I were no more happy with doing the project than he was, but it had to be done. He said that if I was going to be mean then he would ruin everything. I walked him out to his work station and squatted down before him and told him I wasn't being mean. He had to buckle down and do his share of the work. He finally settled down enough to get back to work, but my wife had to go work beside him to supervise. Hopefully this dramatic conflict will not repeat itself tomorrow! Paint is almost all removed: sanding and refinishing remain.

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Jun 30, 2020 5 days ago

My personal lifestyle includes walks almost daily. Mowing our yard and the yard of two neighbors. Supervising grandkids and their neighborhood friends. One thing that I've done recently to make it easier for me to supervise them was to remove two tree branches and to put up a swing. To do this I bought and used a10 inch battery operated chain saw. it performed very well for me.

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Jun 28, 2020 1 week ago

My 8 year old grandson is asthmatic and was taken via ambulance to a children's hospital very early Sunday morning. I'm afraid he may have pneumonia. I don't have the photo of him in the ambulance, but I saw the one his mom shared with my wife. Poor little guy! I know he's likely scared, even though his mom was able to ride with him in the ambulance. Tyler is a fun loving typical boy in many respects, not so typical in other ways. He had fun posing for me when I had my multiple lens combination clipped on my phone.

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Jun 26, 2020 1 week ago

Just a short one I think! I write using my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Two things stand out to me about posting on Biopage.com: there is no auto caps, I must manually capitalize every word that needs it, just a minor thing. The second thing that stands out to me is that we're supposed to be able to post short videos as an alternative to posting photos. That has never been successful for me, and I've never seen others post videos either.

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