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Bonney Lake , USA

Hello all readers!

I'm Vaun Fiedler and I'm an amateur photographer and writer. I have a Canon EOS Rebel t3i which I sometimes use, but more often than not people will see me with my cellphone, a crystal ball and other accessories.

I'm always ready to offer to take a photo or two for others so they can have everyone in at least one or two photos.

I've encountered law enforcement from time to time because of my enthusiasm for photography leading me to lie down alongside the road for a unique photo! On one occasion a passing motorist had called 911 thinking I was a hit and run victim. The sheriff's department and fire department both responded on that occasion.

I've been mistaken for a child stalker when I accidentally photographed the same mother and child two days in a row! Local police responded for that. I simply deleted the photos of them. The officer said he recognized me from observing me previously and knew my habits of taking photos of flowers and reflections.

I'm currently active on Instagram with links to Facebook and Twitter. I also am writing a book on the Wattpad app.

I'm a son, brother, cousin, uncle, husband, father and grandfather.


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Sep 27, 2020 2 days ago

Blah... that's how I feel right now. Monday I'm going to call my Dr and let him know my left ear, face and inside of my left check and tongue are still bothering me. I have dizzy spells now too, and that has me concerned somewhat more. I went out to get a snuggle bag out of my car, and to take a few pictures of stars tonight, Saturday Sept 26th, but I didn't have energy to take more than just a few, and I also didn't take the effort to avoid houses and cars which I usually do. Somethings not right with my health now. Hopefully you're all doing better.

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Despite the rain!

Sep 24, 2020 5 days ago

I went out to mow the lawns, but it was raining 🌧! I thought it might be possible to out drive the rain, so I drove 76 miles to Wallace Falls State Park. I was only partially successful in my effort: I escaped the rain for no more than two minutes. So despite the rain, I took the 4.2 mile round trip on the hiking trail so that I could see two of the three falls this State Park has. The trails to both the Lower Falls and the Middle Falls are both labeled as medium, but the trail to the Upper Falls is labeled difficult. I'm reserving the Upper Falls for a time when I've got a hiking partner so I can do it more safely. This photo is of the Middle Falls since it is the more impressive of the two of them. Do you all have a chance yet to get out in nature?

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Lessons learned!

Sep 22, 2020 1 week ago

Monday I left home just before 10:00 am and arrived at 11:57 am. I decided that was about three hours later than it should be! Lesson one start adventures by 9am. I had driven to the trailhead for Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls in WA state. I had underestimate the hiking time! Lesson two: Know average hike times before starting! Lesson three: Always keep my wife updated on my progress! I failed to let her know I didn't get back to my car until 7:40. The total hiking distance was 8.2 miles! I had thought it was closer to 4 miles for the round trip hike. I had almost finished my water by the time I reached the lake, I knew without more water 💧 I would be severely dehydrated! Despite being trained for search and rescue, and knowing the lake water should be filtered, I took a chance and filled my water bottle from the lake. I drank sparingly on my way to my car! Lesson four: Always take a water filter! It's important to stay hydrated!

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Sep 20, 2020 1 week ago

Saturday morning 🌄 I left home early and drove once again to Mt Rainier National Park. I had two waterfalls that I wanted to see. The first one was a few miles before reaching my GPS destination of the Henry M Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise. The second one was off the Skyline Trail loop that starts at Paradise. After viewing the second waterfall, I decided to explore some more of the Skyline Trail. I got a copy of the Paradise trail map, and headed to what I expected to be a third waterfall. It wasn't! It was a monument with the same name of an Indian who lived in 1870. I decided soon afterwards to turn around and to return to my car because the fog was closing in. My photo shows just part of the beauty I saw.

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To go or not to go?

Sep 19, 2020 1 week ago

I have a possibility of going back to Mt Rainier National Park tomorrow, Saturday Sept 19th. I wanted my wife to go too, but it turns out that she has a prior commitment for the weekend. She is attending a virtual Pathfinder Camporee. Remember though, that she wants me to get my money's worth by using my receipt more than once to get into the park. There is a possibility to chase down another waterfall or two. There are quite a few more waterfalls inside the park boundaries. I just have to try to narrow down which one or ones I can reasonably plan to see in one trip. I have several photos of nameless waterfalls which I saw recently.

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