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Bonney Lake , USA

Hello all readers!

I'm Vaun Fiedler and I'm an amateur photographer and writer. I have a Canon EOS Rebel t3i which I sometimes use, but more often than not people will see me with my cellphone, a crystal ball and other accessories.

I'm always ready to offer to take a photo or two for others so they can have everyone in at least one or two photos.

I've encountered law enforcement from time to time because of my enthusiasm for photography leading me to lie down alongside the road for a unique photo! On one occasion a passing motorist had called 911 thinking I was a hit and run victim. The sheriff's department and fire department both responded on that occasion.

I've been mistaken for a child stalker when I accidentally photographed the same mother and child two days in a row! Local police responded for that. I simply deleted the photos of them. The officer said he recognized me from observing me previously and knew my habits of taking photos of flowers and reflections.

I'm currently active on Instagram with links to Facebook and Twitter. I also am writing a book on the Wattpad app.

I'm a son, brother, cousin, uncle, husband, father and grandfather.


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Apr 08, 2020 8 hours ago

I don't know if I'm going to have trouble writing this tonight! I'm in physical pain, possibly a fractured rib from a six foot step ladder breaking up with me on the third or fourth rung. Took me two hours to write my Instagram story about that! I'd been working on my skills in editing in the SnapSeed app. while in quarantine: I've continued this after I got released. I don't think I'm great at creating composite images yet, but I am definitely having fun! Since tonight was a significant full moon, I decided to attempt to create another composite image. Pushing my skills towards another level of complication in creativity. I took a photo of the Moon through my Meade telescope using my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Then I used an image of a pond to create a composite. Adding to that I created a new composite using a second photo of the Moon to create the look of a reflection of the Moon off the water of the pond. All in all it was a fun endeavor! I called this "Once in a blue Moon". I actually completed this in a reasonable time frame! I hope you all enjoy reading this episode!

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Apr 07, 2020 1 day ago

Today I received word that my Covid19 test had come back negative, just as I'd expected! I'm relieved to be able to get out and go walking again! I'll still continue to watch YouTube videos for lessons on using SnapSeed. Having set myself the goal of advancing my skills, I must continue to put forth the strongest efforts in able to do so! I got quite a bit of stuff done out in the yard today: sorted glass for ♻️ recycle, squashed aluminum cans, and mowed two thirds of our lawn. I took a much needed bath after the mowing. Hoping and praying that others also got some good news today! #covid19 #phonephotography #writers #writingcommunity #celebrategoodtimes #release

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EDITS and then More edits!

Apr 06, 2020 2 days ago

Today was my 6th day of quarantine! I spent a good portion of the day watching YouTube videos on creating composite images in SnapSeed. Then I set out to practice new skills. There really is more complexity to the app than I had realized! I created a good double exposure/composite picture of Frank, our Rhode Island Red rooster. It took numerous trials to obtain the results I was hoping for. Then I pushed myself for a more challenging project. I had some photos of an airplane flying in a nice blue sky. I wanted to use that with my Mt Rainier photo framed between trees to create my next composite image. It's not perfect, but it represents another step in my developing post processing skills using SnapSeed. I'm pleased with the result. Is there anyone writing and reading here who is also in quarantine? I'd appreciate a hello if so.

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Apr 05, 2020 3 days ago

I'm so tired! I just tried putting an Instagram caption for the title! Today I expanded my post processing skills with multiple layers of duplicate photos with each layer being edited differently. Tonight I went even further and created some composite images using the Lightroom app on my tablet to select a moon photo then sent it over to Snapseed to craft the composite image by using the double exposure function. It was fun, it was a learning experience, and it was time consuming! It did increase my knowledge and ability as well as a slight boost to my confidence. Have you used any down time or slow time to increase your skills? The thing is, this quarantine period will pass, and most of us will go on. We can go, having improved ourselves. Or we can just kill time and leave without striving to improve. Yes, I hate these restrictions that interrupt my lifestyle, but they will not restrict my will to improve during this time! The photo above is my second attempt at doing a composite image. I have room for more improvement, but I'll accept advancing a bit at a time! #covid19 #phonephotography #tabletedits #writingcommunity

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Apr 03, 2020 5 days ago

So far every thing I've shared has been through my phone! I had given no thought to using my laptop! I'm still not going crazy from this quarantine, but I do physically pay a price for this restriction! My fibromyalgia flare ups are worse now. I'm back to feeling like sand paper is being forcefully dragged across my arms, while badly sunburned, everytime I get dressed. My walks greatly reduced that sensation. On the brighter side, the depression associated with fibromyalgia has not yet hit me. I'm thinking that's because of my writing books in writing apps, and developing my post processing skills. I'm keeping my mind occupied, getting creative with my story telling, and also with my photo post processing. The other day I worked on three photos and created results that made me think of a title my mind said was of a book I'd read years ago: "Under Alien Skies", which is kind of funny because I can't find that title in any searches in my library app. Perhaps that is yet another book awaiting me to write it! Please enjoy one of those photos now.

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