The power of self-talk.

Internal conversation. One of my strongest points. I spend a lot of time talking to myself and I get energy from it. This ability is probably because I haven't found a true friend. There is no doubt that the person reading these lines thinks that I am shy, talkative, and timid, but this is a completely wrong idea. Now I am 16 years old and at that moment I have a close friend but she is far away from me and we don't have time to talk often. Sometimes I get upset about this situation, but after looking for the reason and thinking about it, I realized that God is opening a way for me to strengthen my inner conversation, which is one of the unique abilities that not everyone has. When others ask friends and acquaintances to do something or get something, I discuss it with myself and it helps me to gain my inner confidence. Naturally, I am not shy and talkative and I often try to start the conversation myself, as those who have spent a lot of time with me know this. If anyone needs a good conversationalist, I believe, you won't find a better one than me. I 3 times changed my classes for school reasons, and then I realized that not all people are what we expect. From a young age, my parents created all conditions for me to be independent and did not interfere with my school life at all. If there was any problem at school, I solved everything myself. When I changed classes for the first time, the students did not accept me as I expected, they even called me "Alien", and because of these reasons, I started to go to the "Youth Union". From the moment I joined the organization, my life changed completely. I spent my happiest, most joyful, and sometimes sad days in this organization, in this team. The previously humiliated Dono now exists only in the pages of my history. The organization raised me as a strong, potential, creative, positive, team-building, understanding peer, self-confident, independent leader, in a word, they helped me discover my identity. If you write my life, that is, my life until the age of 16, it will be a novel, of course, one day I will write my biography, but now I will return to the topic. All of the above made me want to talk to myself even more. Sometimes in life, your parents aren't sure what's best for you either. Because our parents are worried about us, and they don't allow us to take risks for us. This is a normal situation for everyone. But you know what is best for you, discuss more with yourself, make the right decision, and don't be afraid to take risks. Before starting a task, imagine it down to its elementary elements, ask yourself questions, and look for the answer within yourself. Don't start a job that you can't imagine until the end. And most importantly, if you are sure that your opinion is right even when the whole world is against you, do not give up, stick to your opinion, do it, and prove it. Do not forget that God is always with you and I am on your side. Start a conversation with yourself now, find answers to your unanswered questions, and solve your problems independently as much as possible. The inner conversation may seem boring and complicated, but the result will be pleasant, you will begin to feel lighter, and you will begin to look at life with confident eyes.

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