Mother is holy

As long as we live in this life, there will be happy and sad days in our life path. But it seems that our happy days passed very quickly. Therefore, we should live every minute of our happy days with dignity. We will have sad moments, but our sad days have helped us to become stronger. Such days have also happened in my life. But I had a mother who turned my sad days into joy. I was interested in reading books since I was young. For this reason or another reason, my eyes began to give a little warning in the upper classes of the school. I had to turn to a doctor because I had trouble studying. As a result of the doctor's examinations, it was said that I have a slight defect in my eyes. They told me to undergo regular examinations to get rid of this disease. The doctor also gave me glasses. After that I started wearing glasses. Every day when I went to school, my friends used to make fun of me when they saw that I was wearing glasses. I would be very upset about this situation. Only my mother understood me. When I returned from school in a bad mood, my mother tried to comfort me. But I knew that my mother was also worried about this disease and would help me to recover as soon as possible. As a result of the following examinations, we heard the news that there are positive changes in my eyes. Hearing this news, my mother was more happy than me. We continued the course of treatment. Thanks to my mother's efforts, my eyes began to see the world clearly and clearly again. I stopped wearing glasses. I was very happy about that. Because I was lucky enough to see the beauty of this world with my bright eyes, not behind a mirror. I am grateful to my mother for this. Today is July 28, my mother's birthday. We will spend this day in the circle of the family in an upbeat mood. We want to give my mother an unforgettable gift. Of course, my mother will be happy about it. I love my mother. Take care of your mother too, friends. Because mother is holy.

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