Red and her wolf

I have a fairy tale story A creation of my own I'm a partial realist and im partially unknown Love is so magical, beautiful and inspiring I wish for a love without hurt, destruction and lying My day will come I'm confident in that But until then I'll just wait and try to give back It took me a while too find beauty in myself Twenty something years to be exact an I'm so proud of my growth This man came into my life and fixed a heart i never knew was broke He put light back in my life right out of a fairy tale book I'm anxious to help him, to show him a path A path of true happiness A path he's never had Little does he know he showed me my way He showed me not all humans are the same He put my light back in my soul To help a world that is now cold So it's in my nature to make him see, some woman are worth some belief Belief in love and belief in life Belief in companionship but mostly his light He's certainly worth more then i think that he knows He is completely worth more then even i deserve I don't think he's mine Atleast not to be But i know that he's mine too a special degree Trying to save someone who i feel is made for me It may be in the stars, written as Destiny but some of these thoughts even i cant perceive So i try and i try, not for him but for i Am I fixing a man i May soon tell goodbye? But he's great and he's handsome i wanna be his I want him to see, ill give more then he gives Not in money and things but in the way we both live My wolf i do promise to give you the key, in exchange for your trust, which I'll keep safe with me So baby take my hand and lay in my bed Because my heart truly is the best thing you can mend I'll take you away Far from this place Far from the hurt and far from your pain Relax now my wolf i mean what i say Your scared to be alone and you say your too weak but i see the opposite when you stand next to me I see so much strength in your mind and your soul So why don't you believe me when i insist you'll never be alone? Life is so short baby i wanna start our journey i also wanna show you you'll never be lonely Not in this life and not in the next How do i know this? Well deep down we both know I'm different and strange, I'm unique in my thinking, wired my own way Convinced of a purpose I search for each day saving amazing men like you, along the way I am your red, you searched for so long Yet i wait and i wait Confused by your delay, Your delay for love and your delay for me, your delay for healing, all your flaws that i see Little red and the wolf are the perfect love book Often misunderstood and perhaps overlooked People disagree saying the stories conflict, from the original nursery rhyme filled with darkness Little red and the wolf so in love in the woods, So No i guess my fairytale is nothing like the yours

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