My journey

Our life is full of colors. Real happiness is seeing the sun rise and set, every breath we take, our walking feet, our seeing eyes and our feeling body. But we can only understand this in time. Such an event happened in my life. I turned from a purposeless, aggressive girl who couldn't appreciate beauty into a strong, kind-hearted girl with goals. It was like a dream that lasted until 2019. Last night we had breakfast in the family dining room. The news on TV is about a new disease and how it spread, but the treatment is still unknown. We didn't pay attention because it was thousands of kilometers away from us. With the outbreak of public information on social media and radio, news about new disease symptoms started to spread widely. People's fear, panic, and hidden distances have increased even more. Suddenly Covid-19 entered our lives. Staying at home as a protection was emphasized. My family and I preferred to stay at home as protection. Nervous days, alarming news, increasing number of deaths. One day I started to feel numbness. My father quickly called for medical help with anxiety. They took me to the Covid center. As a result of tests, I was diagnosed with Covid syndrome. It was terrifying. Every breath became difficult for me, my eyes blurred when I blinked; I understood deeper how precious my life is, its meaning, my routines and how valuable life given to us. The feeling of death cannot be described in words. Childhood memories, joyful moments with friends, family love passed before my eyes one by one. I missed my family so much. Nights were long without them; painful days; love being a distant memory; the power of illness gradually melting me like ice. I closed my eyes with tears . A voice echoed in my ear not my ear in my inner . Very familiar... "My daughter will be the luckiest girl in the world. We will proud of you. You are my hopes, the source of my faith." Are these not the words of my parents during our last family breakfast? No, I will never give up. I will fight. I fought for two months with illness. For my goals, my life, my parents, and my hopes. I emerged victorious. I returned to the realm of my family. Like being born again, new life, new goals. Before ilness I didn't work on myself For the pride of my parents, to fulfill their dream. Now, with tears of joy in my eyes, I am writing this story. Today is the happiest day of my life, the happiest moment. My mother, my hero, the source of motivation for me - I bought a phone as a gift. I know it's a small gift but it's filled with emotions for me. I am waiting for midnight to strike, as if my heart is beating like waves in the sea. A beautiful bunch of flower as like waves of water , kind of cakes.. But most importantly, the smile on my mother's face and happiness in her heart. And undoubtedly faith. I do did. Over the several years, I worked hard and learned. I understood my life. Why do I live? What is my purpose? And I found answers to many similar questions. Now, I have a feeling of learning new languages, lending a helping hand to others, and finding pleasure in every moment. As a student who dreamt of it from childhood, I obtained my favorite profession, which is teaching, at the age of 18. I teach not only English language and grammar lessons to students but also life lessons. I dedicate myself to instilling confidence in them for tomorrow, never giving up. It is necessary to extinguish fires, create solutions, and guide those who are lost. Illness and high fever made me realize the true value of health. During my work on myself, I paid attention to my physique and health. Before Covid, there was an excess weight problem that I didn't pay attention to. After the illness, I understood that excessive weight can be the cause of various illnesses. I lost 28 kg in weight and transformed into a beautiful and confident girl. In life, there are moments that surprise us with unexpected things. When we least expect it, they change our lives for the better. Covid-19 also entered my life like that. But I didn't give up, fought back, and embraced the life of my dreams and aspirations. I felt the love of my family and understood myself better.

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